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The Secret of Happiness

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  • The Secret of Happiness

    The present age may be called an age of cynical disbelief and to this most of our unhappiness is due. Religion in the real sense has been at a discount and man has tried to do without God. The result is before us.

    So long as the Muslims lived in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Qur'an they enjoyed peace, prosperity and power and were the happiest people in the world. It is their falling away from that teaching which is responsible for most of their troubles.

    Islam teaches the way to true happiness. Since God is good, if we live in accordance, with His will, no evil can befall us. He is absolutely good, hence all that befalls from Him must be regarded as good since evil cannot proceed from good. The evil that men suffer is due to their own errors. Hence if men regulate their lives in accordance with the teachings of God, "no fear shall come upon them, neither shall they grieve," says the Holy Qur'an.

    God is our best Well-Wisher. He is our Creator and He sustains us. He loves us. He has the fullest knowledge of all our requirements and the power to grant them. He, therefore, is in the best position to teach us what to do, and to help us in all our undertakings, to attain true happiness.

    In order to cover His will we must resort to the Holy Qur'an in which He revealed the path, which leads to success and happiness. Men who follow their own opinions are often led into mistakes through their shortsightedness, and their unbridled passions which do not take account of the rights of others. But God Who loves all has given us laws, which ensure justice to all, and therefore lead to cooperation and goodwill instead of envy and hatred and mutual destruction.

    The Qur'an teaches us that God is the Sustainer of all, that He has created sufficient sustenance for all. Therefore, it is wrong to think that the maintenance of our existence calls for the destruction of others. On the other hand the universal cooperation of all men of goodwill will facilitate the millennium of which the world has always dreamed.

    In order to attain this end Islam teaches us the following:

    1. We must love God to Whom we owe our all blesses, Who is our best Well-Wisher, and from Whom our soul draws the necessary strength to accomplish its constant progress to a higher and higher life.

    2. We must respect the teachers of all mankind (God's Prophets) since they all derived their inspiration from God.

    3. We should faithfully carry out all the commandments of God, knowing that since He is good, only good can come from the all-good. The limitation which God has placed on our passions are for our own good just as a doctor in prohibiting certain things intends only his patients good. The apparent evils we have to suffer in doing God's Will are seeds of future good as the bitter medicines which a patient has to take leading to his health and strength.

    4. We should not worry but should cultivate a hopeful temperament knowing that our interests are safe in the hands of God Whose laws we obey.

    5. We must lead an active life, pursuing the path of the establishment of the Divine Law as enunciated in the Holy Qur'an. For this purpose we must reverently study the Divine Law, live in accordance with it and lovingly preach it to others.

    6. If we do this great is our reward with God, for it was to do this that all the Prophets came. We will thus be following in the footsteps of the Prophets and God will love us and His blessings shall follow us wherever we go. Thus we shall be making ourselves instruments of Divine Will, and those whom God favors must succeed and prosper.

    7. How we are taught to accomplish the Divine Will was taught by the Noble Prophet [peace be upon him (pbuh)] by his own example. The Prophet (pbuh) lived in accordance with the teachings of God and has left behind him the lesson of his own practice for all the occasions of life. For his life covered all phases of human activity and history has preserved for us a complete account of his doings, since it is the will of God that his life should serve as a beacon light to all the seekers after truth for all time to come. We must therefore carefully study his life and follow in his footsteps.

    We must live in the presence of God Who is the source of all light and truth and happiness. His light will dispel our darkness of ignorance. He being the source of all virtue, evil will not approach us in His presence. And He being the source of all happiness our hearts will radiate happiness and joy if we fill our hearts with His remembrance. "Verily to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return" will be echoed by our souls and save us from all anxiety and grief.

    Monday : 23/09/2002
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    How to Achieve Happiness
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