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Female genital mutilation,Haram---Female circumcision,Halal

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  • Originally posted by ponderingstar View Post
    dear brothers'
    This topic needs to be broken down:


    THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FEMALE CIRCUMCISION AND FGM. (FGM includes the removal of the ****oris - Female circumcision removes the hood)

    and finally my opinion: There MUST MUST MUST be male scholars condemning the practice of FGM. ALL logic dictates that it is Haram. IT IS MUTILATION. It is changing the anatomy of a woman. HOW CAN TATTOOS BE DECLARED HARAM AND NOT FGM!!!????!!!)

    Please muslim brothers this is not an attack on Islam.

    This is the case of silence being betrayal.

    Why oh why can we not have men on this board just simply come on and state that FGM is a disgusting practice?!!! what is wrong with you people?!!! can't you just come on here and say at the very least: "FGM is not female circumcision, it is beyond that and hence it is VERY wrong and disgusting. it is a backward, uneducated practice and we must help people who practice it. ALso Female circumcison is NOT REQUIRED in Islam!!!"

    WHY OH WHY must you almost defend the subject with your silence and your diversions?!!!!!

    what is wrong with you????!!!

    Please brothers don't leave your muslims women to fight this alone when you know your opinions are important!

    Also female circumcision has nothing to do with the prevention of vaginal diseases. I am sorry to say you have been mislead if you have been told this.

    PLEASE brothers i BEG you to make a stand for once on this topic insteda of turning a blind eye or discussing female or male circumcision. I can give you details of what is done to these womens genitals but the topic is not appropriate.

    PLEASE BROTHERS, just say the right thing and stand for what is right. do not get defensive on unrelated issues. PLEASE!
    I totally agree with this post. I am a Muslim from Algeria and Alhamdu lillah, as far as I know FGM and Female circumcision are not practiced in Algeria and the Maghreb (North Africa) Except in Egypt which is estimated at 92% of all females have gone through some sort of female circumcision or mutilation. It has to be clarified though what's the difference between the 2. Male cicumcision is removing the extra skin that covers the top of the male genital (penis). It's NOT a genital mutilation as you're not removing any organ part of the genitals. Just uncovering it. This practice has been recommended by International Health Organization as an effective means to prevent aids by up to 70%, and other STD's. It's even introduced in western developed countries as a medical recommendation for the general community to prevent STDs. In Islam and Judaism this is an obligatory command from God to Abraham and his descendants and a faith tradition since then. Female circumcision is similarly uncovering the clitoris by removing the foreskin that covers the tip of it. This will relatively reduce the sensitivity of the clit but it doesn't eradicate it. Just as with the male circumcision. This practice is NOT a tradition in Islam, or Judaism and from my limited knowledge there is no authentic Hadith or prophetic tradition that recommends it. However it still isn't a female mutilation in my view. As long as the labia minora is not cut or stitched. If so it becomes a female mutilation because the labia minora has a vital role in the health of female genitals. There are different degrees of female genital mutilation and one of the worst in my opinion is when part or all of the clitoris is removed. In my opinion this is an inhumain Haram practice in Islam. Not only they are changing the creation of Allah but condemning women from experiencing the Allah given pleasure of sex (or some part of it) for the rest of their lives. Without a doubt this is a crime in the sight of Allah. If Tattoos are Haram, this is a lot worse. The excuse that this will prevent young unmarried girls from committing fornication is just as rediculous as the FGM itself. Because girls in Algeria are not circumcised and 99.9% of Algerian girls stay virgins till marriage even many of them to their 40's are still virgins and they don't play around. Some Muslim brothers don't like when this subject of FGM is brought up, or called FGM instead of Female circumcision. I agree they are 2 different things altogether but, we have to admit that FGM is just as practiced as female circumcision in Egypt and other Muslim communities. Not only Muslim communities but we as Muslims have to care for our Muslim sisters and stand up for what is right and denounce the wrong when it happens. And yes it is happening and it has to stop. It's an African cultural heritage that has nothing to do with Islam. and FGM is definitely Haram in my opinion.


    • Originally posted by surfinjo View Post
      This is a dreadful crime.

      I wonder when people will get around to stamping out the equally disgusting practice of male genital mutilation?

      People who sexually abuse children are less than pig manure.
      Circumcision has medical benefits in addition to religious ones, seems like we have some clowns who ranting of using genital mutilation willy nilly.

      Ignorance is bliss, so the Kuffar say.


      "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

      – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)


      • Originally posted by AbuMubarak View Post
        Re: Female genital mutilation,Haram---Female circumcision,Halal

        913 posts before have addressed this issue

        if you are not going to read most of it, or even opposing views, you coming here ranting the same nonsense is useless

        and we dont care what the WHO says, they are an extension of western immorality on so many levels
        جزاك الله خيرا akhi

        "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

        – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)


        • Originally posted by secular1 View Post
          Re: Female genital mutilation,Haram---Female circumcision,Halal

          Horrible disgusting practice that no girl should have to endure. WHO considers female circumcision the same as FGM, that is all cutting, scraping, partial or total removal of female genitalia is FGM. It has zero benefits and is only performed to reduce a woman's right to enjoy intimacy.
          We don't care if WHO considers Hoodectomy as FGM or some other nonsense,

          We don't lessons in Morality from Dirty Kuffar who are screwed up on multiple levels.

          "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

          – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)