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sincere advice needed

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  • sincere advice needed

    I have failed at nearly everything that was important to me

    today i actually wondered what exactly is my worth?

    I detest who I am, and how I live

    It has gotten to the point where I'm just humiliated to myself, TO MYSELF. When no one is around, I feel so disgraced and humiliated, and that is with no one around. things are really bad when this happens.

    i have a feeling that it is allah showing me, debasing me, to perhaps make me straighten my act, and become sincere.

    is there a verse, or a hadith that says that Allah debases people who sin, to make them turn away from their sins?

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    Re: sincere advice needed

    salaams to all

    i also feel crappy about myself- quite a lot.

    the thing is, we have no other way out than to turn to Allah ta'ala.

    i know its hard to do but its good to look around and see those who are worse off than you & then u will realise its not so bad.
    thats what im always told.
    that, and
    make sincere taubah
    irrespective of whether we like it or not, whatever Allah ta'ala decrees will happen & only that.
    either accept it & take it in your stride or let it eat away at you & make yourself miserable.
    we have NO SAY in this-thats hard to swallow.

    my imam saheb says we should be like a dead body being given ghusl-when the people turn it this way & that- it cant object n complain.
    it just goes with the flow-so to say.

    if only i can practice upon this advice myself, i think it would be better for me.

    please remeber me in your duaahs.

    dont know if my words were helpful but when i read your post-i thought that this is exactly the way i feel -quite a lot.
    my sister says im having a pity party.

    and Allah ta'ala knows best
    Sufyaan Thawri "Whoever is very popular with his relations and neighbours, we suspect him to be compromising in preaching the true teachings of religion."
    very good site for English bayaans in MP3 format-check it out- u wont be disappointed: &


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      Re: sincere advice needed

      "And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind." 20:124

      Make plenty of dhikr, I find it always helps me when I'm down.



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