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Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage

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  • Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage

    Hi All,

    Weird Question,

    But anyone heard of Naaf (a sub indo continent term), where they normally say the Naaf has moved, which refers to something to do with the belly button or underneath the belly button region. Unfortunately the UK Doctors don't believe in this, and me myself don't know much about this.. It mainly happens to females.

    Basically there are people that do massages to move this back into place, anyone know of anyone in London? I know someone in Manchester, but my wives moved down to London so need to find someone else..

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    Re: Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage

    I wouldn't know of any 'practitioners' involved in this, but yeah I've heard of the term in the subcontinent. A number of conditions seem to involve doing something to the belly button whether it's massaging that area or putting olive oil on it or something. Drs wouldn't believe in it cos' it's not an integral aspect of conventional medicine, you'd have to find some sort of alternative practitioner who is familiar with this sort of thing.
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      Re: Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage

      I don't know the origin of this word Naaf (is that in Arabic?) but in Sanskrit belly button is called Naabh. Interesting to see similarities in such words!
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        Re: Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage


        I know what you are talking about as myself and family members have had in the past. Pls "pm" and I will give you some advice to help. You dont need a masseuse to do - a sister or other female family member can do it on you.



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          Re: Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage

          I was informed a few years ago that I may have had a problems with the 'Naaf/ Naap' as at the time I was suffering from some digestive problems (though my problem wasn't this). From my understanding it's caused by a muscle that has moved and therefore you need to massage the area to push this muscle back into place. It's something that can be done at home and it invloves deeply masssaging your stomach muscles towards the belly button. According to my mum you can feel it when it goes back into place as it feels like a heart beat.
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            Re: Naaf (Belly Button) Moved/Massage

            can you plz reply me wid info about the masseuse you know in Manchester.
            will be very halpful.