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Teeth problem

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  • Teeth problem


    Lost a tooth started getting sensitive pain went to dentist tooth replaced but over a month now and sensitivity to cold food/drinks still there am using corsodyl and flossing but not seemingly helping with sensitivity
    I have some sensitive teeth/tooth (not sure if its just one tooth) left side triggered after eating.drinking cold;dont want to keep going back to dentist?? Any advice?

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    Re: Teeth problem

    I also have sensitive teeth, if I'm drinking something cold I try to drink it from a straw. I even get pain with warm or normal temperature liquids sometimes. Sensitive toothpastes do nothing for me at all.


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      Re: Teeth problem

      have u tried using a miswak instead of the normal tooth brush?
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        Re: Teeth problem

        Maybe you have a cavity and the sensitivity is being causes by stimulation to the exposed nerve. Get that sorted ASAP..cos if you start to notice the pain goes away means the nerve has died

        Also when you brush don't gargle with water

        And areas which are more sensitive put some toothpaste (sensodyne e.g. ) with your finger on that area and again don't rinse it off


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          Re: Teeth problem

          If the pain happened after the dentist did the work on your tooth, it could be that your dentist has not insulated the tooth properly. Cold food is catching the nerve endings. You might have to go back.

          Sorry man, sending you back into the Lion's den. I need to see my dentist aswell :(


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            Re: Teeth problem

            My friend said she gargles olive oil for 10 mins every morning (sounds about urghh, lol). She said its completely cured her of sensitive teeth. I'm gonna try it out myself soon inshaAllah.
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              Re: Teeth problem

              Originally posted by Proud-2b-MUSLIM View Post
              My friend said she gargles olive oil for 10 mins every morning (sounds about urghh, lol). She said its completely cured her of sensitive teeth. I'm gonna try it out myself soon inshaAllah.
              that's so nasty! ha ha ha
              Back... for now.


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                Re: Teeth problem

                I agree with Hafsah, go get it checked out asap, its likely the dentist left something exposed and this is causing you sensitivity etc. Rinsing your mouth every night with a little salt in warm water is really good (after brushing and flossing) this helps prevent gum disease etc if you do have any open/ exposed areas.
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                  Re: Teeth problem

                  Use a tooth paste called sensodyne. Or a toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth. Should reduce sensitivity