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Is shaving unibrow haram?

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  • Is shaving unibrow haram?

    I get negative comments about it at school, and I need authentic quotes to show my dad. Some people say that area is not considered par of the eyebrows, can u clarify that as well?

    I'm 14 and a guy, starting highschool this year.

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    Re: Is shaving unibrow haram?


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      Re: Is shaving unibrow haram?

      Idk if it applies to a male, I'd reckon it doesn't.
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        Re: Is shaving unibrow haram?

        One for men :up:

        Men plucking hair

        It is permitted for men to pluck hair from their upper cheek above the beard line. It is also permitted to remove the hairs from in between the eyebrows if it looks ugly and is considered a defect.

        And there is no objection for men to take the hair of eyebrows and face [slightly] so long as it is not effeminate (Fatawa Hindiyya pg 23/4).

        Wallahu Alam.
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