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  • [boys]Fitrah

    I have been trying to increase my islamic knowledge so I decided to start reading some books :)
    I started reading this book called "the ideal muslim"
    It included many interesting chapters like:

    Muslim n his lord
    Muslim n his own self
    Muslim n his parents
    muslim n his wife
    muslim n his children
    friends and brother
    community and society
    I strongly reccomend it there is many interesting quotes, hadith etc.

    Anyway back on topic
    In the own self part I read about something called fitrah and it read

    "Five things are part of the fitrah: circumicsion, removing the pubic hair, plucking hair from armpits, cutting nails and trimming the moustache"

    When do we have to start the bold part? What age? How?
    Don't tell me too many unnecessary stuff because I'm only left but my puberty has begun

    Do not sit idle, for indeed death is seeking you.

    Al Hasan Al Basre [RA]

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    Re: [boys]Fitrah

    Wa Salaam,

    That's a good book, I quite like it.

    As to when, I'd imagine when you hit puberty and you have something there to remove.

    As to how, if you to go the Anonymous section near the bottom of the forum - there's a Male only section (password is given in one of the sticky posts). There's a thread on there already about this which will explain.

    Not sure what you mean by "I'm only left"...



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