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Oslo Islamic Centre recommends polygami

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  • Oslo Islamic Centre recommends polygami

    10. Januar 2004
    Rolleiv Solholm

    The Islamic Cultural Centre Norway (ICCN), based in Oslo, recommended the practice of polygami on its Web site. It said polygami is advantageous, and ought to be practiced where conditions lend themselves to such a practice.

    However, polygami is illegal in Norway.

    ICCN has 2,500 members, and receives a total of NOK 672,000 anually in state support.

    Norwegian politicians have reacted strongly to the article, which was removed later on Sunday, following Aftenposten's report.

    Labour Party MP Karita Bekkemellem Orheim says to the newspaper that she expects that the Government will now stop the state grants.

    -I expect the Minister of Culture to take action, she says.

    Culture Minister Valgerd Svarstad Haugland, however, says she does not want to use such a strong reaction.

    In her opinion, the article discussing polygami comes under the scope of freedom of speech.

    -We cannot forbid an Islamic congregation to discuss Islamic doctrine, Svarstad Haugland says to Aftenposten.

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