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:Islamic names: the need is more than ever....:

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  • :Islamic names: the need is more than ever....:

    Im so frustrated and angry, forgive me if this turns into a rant more than anything else.

    I've noticed over the years, Islamic names seem to be disappearing from us Muslims. Names that are as close to non-Muslim names with a hint of maybe some cultural signifance plus a drop of Islamic twang in them somewhere seem to be used. Im talking within my relations too.

    One cannot tell if the name is truly European, or of Hindu or Sikh of culture. I've approached relations in regards to these names, the response i get is that it is an Islamic name it means such and suuch in Arabic or Persian. These people then turn into Mufti's and say its not requred etc. I leave them to it, but ask whats the harm in giving a name that belonged to Sahabah etc or something that resembles Islam.

    Anyhow, what prompted this post is a friend of mine, not a practising brother but a good guy named his daughter Zainab. He told me almost every person bar his mother said " It's an old fashioned name- Why are you spoiling the life of your child-How about Michelle or...whatever else" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (breath taken- rant begins).

    If there ever was a need for an Islamic name it is today, when people no longer look Muslim, when the identity of Muslims hass been utterly stripped from us the fire burning through our families is such that we have started to ourselves strip any remaining identity. Its as though people no longer want to be Muslim, or look Muslim, or act as a Muslim. What is wrong with us?

    I see Muslim children with no religous identity any longer, we have non Islamic ways of life and coupled with non-Islamic names.....How do we distinguish? These children will grow up, in these environments and all they will know is that our grandparents were Muslims, and were called Muhammad, Ahmad, Bilal, Hamzza, Zainab, Aisha...

    If you want to be accepted by western society, then remember you can strip yourselves of your Islamic dress or cultural dress within Islamic guidelines, you can change your language, you can change your name, your facial colour and hair colour, but you will never be accepted by them. And what did you just do? strip everything you were for someone else. What are you worth?

    May ALLAH give me and the entire Ummah the ability to adhere to the Sunnah, grant us love for Islam and the pious predecessors. May ALLAH grant me and the entire Ummah the love for Sunnah and everything Islamic, and grant us a life upon Islam and Imaan and may ALLAH grant us death upon Islam and Imaan. Ameen
    "A single day of a Lions life is worth more than a hundered years of the life of a fox" (Final moments of Tipu Sultan)
    "don't weep like a woman for what you could not defend as a man" (mother of Muhammad XII, Final moments of Muslim rule in Spain)

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    Re: :Islamic names: the need is more than ever....:


    When I get married and have a baby, it's name will be Muhammad (if Allah gives me a boy) or Aisha (if Allah gives me a girl).:D

    But that's still a long time away!


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      Re: :Islamic names: the need is more than ever....:

      Michelle? Seriously? SubhanAllah, and the salaf liked to name their kids after the shuhadah in hope that their child would become a shaheed. Comparing their intentions with the intentions of some people today can make anyone sick.
      Allahuma Ameen!!
      الحق لا يعرف بالرجال، اعرف الحق تعرف رجاله


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        Re: :Islamic names: the need is more than ever....:

        I really don't see that in my islamic community area or cultures

        but that's weird....i would never do that