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Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

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  • Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

    Are children too exposed to overtly sexualised images? Flesh and flirting are cheap but ever more common currencies with which to try to flog anything from push-up bras to magazines. It's an easy decision to make a quick buck, but far harder to question the ethics of feeding children's natural curiosity for things that make them feel grown up, a curiosity that is instinctively moderated by attentive parents.

    Celebrity and entertainment arguably have more responsibility than retailers for desensitising parents to the sexualisation of music, magazines, television and merchandise, and perhaps our own benchmarks have shifted as a consequence.

    There is an understandable tendency to reject any attempt to restrict or impede our access to content, or even our experience of access to that content. But it is not about prudishness, English sexual inhibition or censorship. It's about sensitivity, restoring some level of dignity, of rationality, and a space where the images of women that children see every day are not semi-naked or prone.

    In Hamley's not so long ago I was horrified to see the role-playing toys section: the boys' shelf has a doctor's kit and a builder's kit while the girls' shelf had what I can best describe as a Paris Hilton kit, with a tiara, mobile phone and stilettos. If we set our children up with such shallow expectations, can we really be surprised when they follow them?

    The July edition of GQ is the latest of the mainstream men's magazines to push the boundaries of acceptability with its choice of cover photo, showing a reclining Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a slit dress that just about covers her crotch, though not without revealing the inner curve of her buttock. For adult males, that kind of titillation is so commonplace it probably doesn't even feel like titillation anymore. But it's not just men's magazines; I still boycott T3 gadget magazine, which insists on putting a chick in a bikini on the cover with some token gadget. Or is that a token chick? Once when I described Page 3 as "soft porn", a Sun editor phoned to complain.

    Are magazines the biggest culprit or is it the popstars? Have you found bizarrely inappropriate clothing in children's stores? And what about mainstream TV? Tell us all your horror stories... © Guardian News and Media 2011


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    Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

    this is interesting because even the non-Muslims are questioning this. All this stuff about women wearing what they like for freedom.... it's not freedom for women at all, especially not when, as the article describes, kids are daily seeing images of women with their bodies on display for the gratification of men, and women and girls are succumming to body dysmorphic disorder and anorexia due to a lifetime of being bombarded with unnatural expetcations on what they should look like together with the message that they are valued based on their looks, not what they know or can do........ it's freedom for men to have lots of eye candy to look at. Yep, that's what this "free" society that supposedly champions the rights of women has come to see women as... eye candy.

    Alhamdulillah I love my hijab :hidban:



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      Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

      Alhumdulillaah For Islaam :love:

      But Its True The Lady Said On This Morning Yesterday About How The Only Role Models Out There Are Ones In Entertainment No Young Scientest Or Doctors. They Make That Life Seem So Glamourous When It Isnt. Yes Nice Things But What About The Loneliess And Depression
      And He found you lost and guided you,
      ~ Qur'an (Ad Duhaa) 93:7 ~

      Salaah Reminders

      Guide us to the straight pain.
      " Ihdina-s-sirata-l-mustaqim "
      ~ Quran 1:6 ~

      الله أعلم


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        Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

        I absolutely don't agree with popstars being role model because first that's not their purpose, second i don't believe one second they get up in the morning thinking "im a role model" for anyone actually.

        It is the people who get attached by themselves to them and by a cerebral dysfunctionment try to imitate them.

        It is the parents job. I look after children and they're forbidden from watching TV, they can only watch DVD's eventually and their games are related to art. SEE, not complicated. Where there is a demand, there is an offer
        My Blog Watch out sister Nousername
        Ummah forum mentality depiction by BBC (warning)


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          Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

          I'm a kid myself and I have to say on childrens channels they have some dodgy adverts sometimes and on like buses and bus stops they have like M&S adverts of ppl in underwear.......
          Kinda weird...

          Do not sit idle, for indeed death is seeking you.

          Al Hasan Al Basre [RA]


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            Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

            This documentary explains a lot

            (warning contains - music and nudity but it's to get the idea accross)
            especially these parts (approx 10 minutes each):-

            And yes, I did miss one part out because it was completely irrelevant to this matter

            The Arrivals (Reloaded)

            (please excuse some of the Shia themes in the whole thing)

            All the scenes can be found in order (left-right, top to bottom):

            Fear Allah.


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              Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

              The media definately plays a role in it. But most celebrities arn't there for there to be role models. Parents should be teaching their children whats right and whats wrong. Not some pop star.


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                Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

                euroamerican kaffir "values"

                and this is exactly what they want to bring to the Muslim world

                niqab is is "oppressive" but walking around naked is "freedom"


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                  Re: Sexualisation of children - who is to blame?

                  [QUOTE=Ibn Sina;4297957]euroamerican kaffir "values"

                  and this is exactly what they want to bring to the Muslim world

                  niqab is is "oppressive" but walking around naked is "freedom"[/QUOTE]

                  True bro, they wish for us to be like them, and make various attempts to indoctrinate the filth that they practice upon our children,


                  "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

                  – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)