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Our skills are used in advertising.....?

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  • Our skills are used in advertising.....?

    Once in Turkey, I came across a waist belt seller on my way from university. He started praising a (so called) leather belt. He did everything that could convince someone to buy it. He put it on and made a calm & satisfied expression as if that belt had removed all his worries & solved all his problems. I realized that if I don't buy it he would go on and on praising it till I buy it. As I tried to check its quality he immediately said with immense confidence, "It’s the best quality, even your grandchildren would get a chance to use it after you and your children" It only lasted few months. In Pakistan you would easily find such people who would convince a bald man to buy a comb...

    In daily life, everyone advertises certain products, intentionally or unintentionally, one way or the other. Few of us praise so much our personal belongings that our friends & relatives are easily convinced to ignore the high price and buy the same brand products for themselves. TV, shoes, fridge, car, laptop, cell phone,...etc. Even in liking a movie, song, sports player or movie actor we get influenced by the consistent 'praise' & advertisement that common people do for free after getting impressed.

    The question is: As a gesture of thankfulness towards our Allah (the deserving of ALL praise), how much do we try to advertise HIS infinite blessings upon us & the satisfaction that we always experience after praying, fasting, doing zikr, giving charity, adopting Sunnah way...etc. in front of those who haven't yet tasted the spiritual pleasure of obeying Allah (swt).
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    Re: Our skills are used in advertising.....?

    Jazakallah that made me think. Good thread
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      Re: Our skills are used in advertising.....?

      :jkk: Brother.

      Another of your great thought-provoking threads. :masha:
      Secure few moments, everyday, to reflect upon the innumerable blessings of Allah and thank Him for bestowing them upon you.

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        Re: Our skills are used in advertising.....?

        this universe and every thing in this universe have been created by God, and there we are created by God just to worship him,,, but in today world if we see, people have more focus on other things, to become rich, to have good car, and good house etc even they know,, these things are useless, and when once they die, they will have to leave all these things,,, we must pray for all of us, May God guide us to on the right path,,, Ameen..
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