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Jeddah or Riyadh?

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  • Jeddah or Riyadh?


    If given the option between Riyadh and Jeddah, which city is it better to live in?

    Some points to consider:
    - Living costs (rent, utilities, education...)
    - Closeness to the holy cities (Jeddah wins here)
    - Conservativeness (I've heard Riyadh is more conservative than Jeddah)

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    Re: Jeddah or Riyadh?


    which ones more expensive? ive hear rhiyadhs got the more cheaper furnished apartments and all that but jeddah i dont know id imagine it to be cheaper...

    a few more points

    +more malls (doesnt really mean much to me though)
    -traffic is terrible(I could live with that though)
    ----bout 4 hours away away from makkah or so ive been told

    ++++but jeddah is bout 40 minutes away from makkah
    --but really really humid
    -more polluted

    definitely jeddah becuase of the closesness to makkah...imagine the long drive anytime you wanna go to makkah? bout 4 hours away PLUS heavy traffic ..or youd have to take the plane every time

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