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Lack of unity amongst Muslims

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  • Lack of unity amongst Muslims

    I think its really sad that we're so divided amongst ourselves. Theres a hadith that states there will be 72 or 73 sectors of Islam and only one will go jannah.

    I know that when Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] would correct peoples mistakes, the primary thing to correct people on is Shirk and Kufr.

    I think at a time like this when so many Muslims are being killed, tortured and oppressed, unity amongst ourselves is essential. I just feel that people nowadays are just nafsi nafsi, we dont seem to look out for one another and be a family, an ummah.

    Stated in hadith, "All Muslims are like one man, if he has pain in his eye then his whole body suffers and if he has pain in his head then his whole body suffers."


    As an ummah we should be like a body. Whether we live in a richer country or a poorer country, we are no different. War zone or no war zone. I'm sure our brothers and sisters in oppression would not like to be forgotten.
    Allah is compassionate and He loves compassion in all things. [Hadith]

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    Yeah but if u follow the sunnah u shud be alright. Who cares about finding what sect u belong to. In the end some hadiths says the so called muslims will become kaffir and the real muslims will follow the banner of la ilaha ill allah


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      Re: Lack of unity amongst Muslims

      salaams to all

      there is no point in crying over the disunity if most of the so-called muslims have beliefs that are clearly against the Quran & Hadith.
      the object of unity is to draw the help/nusrah of Allah ta'ala & if we ALL happen to be united but our beliefs/Aqeedah was not correct, then we still would be unable to draw the assistance of Allah ta'ala .
      the most important thing is to be united but united on HAQ.
      of course, there are different madhabs etc & all this is within the scope of shariah.
      im referring to Shiahs, Qaadiaanis etc, we cant expect to have a united ummah with them included.
      they dont fall under the catergory of "muslim"

      and Allah ta'ala knows best
      Sufyaan Thawri "Whoever is very popular with his relations and neighbours, we suspect him to be compromising in preaching the true teachings of religion."
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        Re: Lack of unity amongst Muslims

        To develop unity there are easy sunnahs of Nabi we can practice:
        1) Giving salam often. Giving salam properly. Giving salam to anyone and everyone.
        2) Making sure there are no gaps in the saffs.
        3) Sitting very close together when in a majlis.


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          Re: Lack of unity amongst Muslims

          I think as muslims we tend to focus more on trivial issues and disagreements between us and then our pride and arrogance takes over and we refuse to apologise or forget, and instead of giving out our hand in peace and friendship to our fellow muslims and move on, we wallow in self pity. The best way to tackle such issues is to keep reminding one another to unite and not let the above issues take over and divide us, so thank you for this great reminder sis. :up:

          And you are right, we should be like a body where if one part hurts the rest feels that hurt and without all the body parts cooperating we wont be able to function correctly and achieve anything fruitful or get things done.