Abdullah Ibne Zubair (r.a) used to stand in Salaah (prayer) like a peg driven in the ground and his ‘Sajda’ (prostration) used to be so lengthy that sparrows would perch on his back. Once, when the enemy forces attacked, a shell hit the wall of the Masjid in which he was praying; the debris fell very close to him but he did not take notice of it and continued to pray.

When a Sahabi's thoughts wandered to his fully ripe date palms garden while praying in it, he felt so grieved that after finishing his prayers he went at once to Uthman (r.a), who was then the Khalifah, and presented the garden to him, which the latter sold for fifty thousand and spent the money for religious purposes.

Every Suhabi's heart used to get disconnected from everything else in this world the moment he said "Allah-o-Akbar" & till 'Salaam' that connection remained only with Allah (swt), without a single thought of anyone else. May Allah (swt) also bless our hearts with the sweet pleasure of conversing with HIM through Salaah. This sweet blessing is achieved in a heart that doesn't allow dirt (sin) to enter it through it's 4 doors. Eyes (70% dirt protection through this door), tongue, ears & mind.