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Not sure what to think?

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  • Not sure what to think?

    Salaam everyone on the Ummah forums :)

    So here it goes, basically... my younger brother hes a year younger than me and he has a "girlfriend". I already knew before hand so anyway. About 8 or so months ago he goes to me, he has a girlfriend and he wants to marry her and all that malarky..

    So I told him to tell mum or dad and he didnt cos they would think hes too young.

    So fast forward to 2 months.. His "girlfriend" gives my bro a fish tank cos she was moving and well she came to drop off the fish tank and she meets our mum.. Now i wasnt at home, so my bro told me this late..

    So anyways she met our mum and mum was asking her so many questions.. and my mum was okay with it? To let my brother have a "girlfriend"?

    I mean is that even normal, I don't think so. Dont think our dad knows but obviously mum knows and bro and his girlfriend wanna get married.

    Now here is the interesting bit.. About a month ago.. mum was dropping me off to work and out the blue she asked me " Do u have a girlfriend?" Im thinkin where that come from and course I said no cos i'm not like that.

    And today before I went out to get a few things, she asked me "You want to get married from here or back home, Or do you have a girlfriend?"

    I said the same thing before. I don't have a girlfriend.

    Why is my mum like that? She is always talking about marriage and what not.

    I just wanna be left alone and not think about it. Same goes with my dad, he thinks which I do agree to some extent, better job you have the better chance u have to find someone very good/compatible and what not.

    And today he said "having a crap job means not marrying the right person" I was thinking well Marriage comes with alot of blessings. But I didn't say that cos I didn't wanted to go into all that.

    So my question is. Why is my mum thinking my bro to have a gf is all okay and of course my little sister knows aswell so yeah.

    Or am I the odd one out from the Family?

    Anything would be useful.

    Jazakhallah : )

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    Re: Not sure what to think?

    i don't know may your mother asked you she wants great wife for you by this way , and maybe not actually you must ask her
    i think this is wrong way , and i don't know what i say may i misunderstood you