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guys not playing sports-unusual?

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    Re: guys not playing sports-unusual?

    Originally posted by ibnuadam View Post
    for some people nowadays, sports are played on playstation, LOL
    Taking about that ... a Kid who`s 15 yrs old came to the ER department and he wanted his chest x-ray to be done , anyways he was bviously overweight and when the doctor asked him if he plays sports , he said " yes i do , i play playstation" WHAAAAAAAAT?????? LOL! !
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      Re: guys not playing sports-unusual?

      honestly only reason i don't play sports for an actual team is 1) some people get too competitive and just take it too far, i'v seen the biggest fights regarding this lol 2) i cant commit to a team and all that practice

      but that don't mean i stay completly away from sports, i play once in a while with friends, used to go the gym for a couple years ago, but stopped cuz of school. But I'm trying to go back :D
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        Re: guys not playing sports-unusual?

        Welcome to the Lazy 21st century, the best sport is using our fingers and typing on internet forums.

        I dont think not playing sports is a bad, providing that they are physically active by other means, swimming, gym ....
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