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Britain's next big muslim directory now in business

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  • Britain's next big muslim directory now in business

    Totali Muslim is a comprehensive directory of Muslim business and services within the UK. The brainchild of former BMW senior sales executive Salim Rehmatullah the site will also list daily discount deals and update readers of ongoing news and events.

    Marketing Director Saima Shah, who trained under Dragon's Den entrepreneur Peter Jones is confident the portal will develop into a major meeting point for the Muslim community, of which there are currently nearly three million (or four per cent of the population) in Britain alone.

    "It just seemed such a pity to me that there were so many excellent Muslim businesses out there and yet Muslim consumers had no idea of their existence simply because there wasn't a dedicated site through which these companies could advertise," said Saima.

    "Muslim's enjoy both working and socialising together and through our directory they can do both. Nothing like this exists at the current time. There are other excellent directories out there but they don't speak directly to the Muslim community and offer a number of services as we do."

    "The focus of the site will be business and lifestyle," she added. "Today's Muslim's are diverse and many have an entrepreneurial streak. We want to encourage that and assist with their business ambitions in a way they feel comfortable with”

    “At the same time we want to inform consumers of events in their area and activities related to special days in the Muslim calendar. We hope the portal will connect, unite and strengthen our community, creating a sturdy foundation for future Muslim generations to come."

    Totali Muslim promises the latest in technological advancement. It will be fully SEO complaint while users will be able to upload their own adverts, blog posts and photography. There will also be monitoring facilities where businesses will be able to identify how many hits their advert has received.

    Contact: Jill Stevenson, Press Officer
    Email: [email protected]