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Only the self discipline & the fight with oneself matters

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  • Only the self discipline & the fight with oneself matters

    Alhamdulillah, In childhood I learnt horse riding, shooting, cricket, squash, soccer...etc. But my most beloved passion was swimming.

    Once in my dream I saw myself in the middle of a sea from where the shore was not visible in every possible direction that I could stare at. There was no time to figure out how did I get there and I knew that the energy I had was too limited, due to which I couldn't afford to get double minded about my path once I decide a direction. I quickly looked around at everything visible to me and then decided a certain direction that my inner voice agreed upon. On my away, I had to repeatedly console my heart against the hopelessness that it felt at the sight of an endless sea having no shore. My body desperately wanted rest, but my mind knew that my survival is in a continuous struggle that has no breaks for relaxation. The only resting place was the eternal reward itself, i.e. the destination (shore). My immensely tired body wanted to give up but my heart felt that the right of taking away my last breath belonged to the nature, either in the form of a cramp in my body or by making me a shark's food or any other way, so that when my soul is flying, I can look down at the sea and appreciate the distance I managed to cover, (insha'Allah) more than what was expected from an ordinary human being.

    In practical life, I am thrown into the sea (this world) even few drops of which if I allow to have place inside me (its love) could choke me and cause my drowning (in hereafter). But I also can't neglect this sea. I have to use it, because there is no other medium which can lead me to the shore of heaven, and I can't afford to stop and relax, because my time and energy are running out. My Lord's demand from me is immense and seems unachievable to me, but I know that HE doesn't care about the shore, but only wants to see my intentions, dedication and the efforts that I make to reach as close to the landmark as I possibly can, to my level best. This journey I have to go through on my own beause there aren't any ships available in this path that I may buy with wealth. No one can swim for me and then sell his stamina to me. People can only encourage me, but they can't develop for me my muscles that help me more in swimming. The more I try, the more my capabilities develop and the more it is useful for MYSELF than it is for anyone else. The angels of death are floating around in this sea and thousands of swimmers become their pray everyday. I can't avoid becoming their pray, but what matters to me is the time I utilize in covering as much of the distance as possible, rather than focusing on the temptations & distractions that causes carelessness in my journey towards the finishing line...

    A test that is only once in infinite years can't be taken lightly because even the best of all creations happily sacrificed an alarming amount of his pure tears and blood (more valuable than the whole universe) to make this test easier for us..
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