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"Oh THAT doesn't apply to people in today's society!"

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    Re: "Oh THAT doesn't apply to people in today's society!"

    salaams to all

    almost everyone will agree with the first post but when it comes down to it, i feel that its mostly females who say the very same thing "Oh THAT doesn't apply to people in today's society!", esp when it comes to the issue of women working & attending the musjid.
    they try to use all sorts of arguments to justify their actions like how they use the money to help their parents and their husband etc
    the use the exabple of Haz Khadija(RAD)- that she was a businesswoman but fail to see the umpteen ways in which they are NOT doing business like her.

    they take Quranic ayaat & hadith out of context & try to use it to argue the validity of their actions.

    Trade will become so widespread that a woman will be forced to help her husband in business (Ahmad)
    A woman will enter the workforce out of love for this world (Ahmad)

    and Allah ta'ala knows best
    Sufyaan Thawri "Whoever is very popular with his relations and neighbours, we suspect him to be compromising in preaching the true teachings of religion."
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      Re: "Oh THAT doesn't apply to people in today's society!"

      secular and liberal 'muslims' always have that kind of thought. as the world progress, modernization sets in, these sort of 'unsuitability with times + logical thinking' spoken a lot, to them 'in an intellectual way'. some have weekly columns in papers to spread their views nonchalantly, some abusing famous family names and forgetting all about how they came to become so westernized in the first place.

      the kuffar is one thing, but these people did the damage more. May Allah do whats best for them. insyaAllah