The sizzling youth and electrifying atmosphere of a mixed gender party temptingly invites our naked eyes towards the evil pleasures, but the scary silence of a graveyard warns us of the consequences through the vision of our heart.

The luring sweet sound of a singing woman in immoral dress has illusioned many, but a different message is conveyed by the painful atmosphere of a hospital & the horrifying cries of mourning women in front of a dead body. A message that a dancing attractive body would one day become a sight of pity, with bent back and tremblings hands before becoming a pray of insects.

Hazrat Ali (r.a) called death to be the best preacher, but an illusion created by the devil easily persuade us to forget those familiar expressionless faces & closed eyes of our beloved ones who after a sudden death weren't allowed to respond to our pleading cries.

It is easily tempting for people like me to be illusioned, but the reality Allah (swt) discloses only to the sincere seekers of 'what Allah wants from us' after giving us a life which we didn't earn on our own.