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Acne has ruined my life.

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  • Dermalmd amazing serum that heals my blemishes over night! I can't believe how well this stuff works and I can't believe I've lived so long without it! Doesn't dry out my skin either. Highly recommend!


    • Accutane


      • I myself had severe acne in my teenage,I still get pimples but not the ones in my teenage.Just like you I tried everything this world has to offer for acne lol.Then ACCUTANE came into my life lol and acne went out (still have acne scars).But side effects were real,hair loss,dry eyes,dry mouth,knee pain etc
        but its worth it!
        NO RACISM


        • I am 20 and also an acne sufferer.
          I could not relate to this post any more than what you have already written. I have also tried everything.

          I would say stop using those products, use a gentle cleanser I use cetaphil and use sunscreen. Do not pop or touch your skin to spread the bacteria.

          I know you are thinking wow she dosent understand me its not that easy trust me i have been there aswell. i still get break outs here and there but i have mentally learnt to accept this flaw it makes you humble. Its just a test from Allah.

          Drink water eat healthy, but i have noticed me changing eating habbits has never affected acne.

          Just dont overload your skin with products understand the market system is just to make you feel like you need it but you really don’t. And be strong in your skin, I know its hard trust me. But remind yourself this is a small issue, if you cant deal with this issue how will you deal with greater ones in life ?

          Everything is a test from Allah so accept it have tawakul that it will get better know you are not alone. Most importantly know you are beautiful because Allah has said so.