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Affordable mental health care in Canada?

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  • Affordable mental health care in Canada?

    Salam alaykum.

    So I was wondering, do any of you Canadian forum members know how much health care costs in Canada if you are a visitor to the country?

    Here in the US, certain meds for psychiatric illnesses are expensive and a visit to a psychiatrist is around $400.00.

    As I see my health declining I think I may need to take drastic steps to get better. I know meds are cheaper in Canada even without being a Canadian citizen, but does anyone know if health care services in general are more affordable?

    I dont have a budget so I will try to borrow money from people around me to pay for all this.
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    Re: Affordable mental health care in Canada?

    thank god for my Health care other wise my psych meds would be over 2000 a month. needless to say i don't make over 2000 a month...
    my psychiatrist only a couple of hundred a month but still
    praise allah for insurance for those of use who can get it


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      Re: Affordable mental health care in Canada?

      im quite confused as to why people in the western countries take so many meds and continue to take them continuously.


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        Re: Affordable mental health care in Canada?

        I don't know in the Canadian cities sorry. Contact that Muslim psychologist.
        Reported by Ibn al-Salah:

        ولقد أحسن الحسن بن أبي زياد اللؤلؤي صاحب أبي حنيفة فيما بلغنا عنه أنه استفتي في مسألة فأخطأ فيها ولم يعرف الذي أفتاه فاكترى مناديا فنادى أن الحسن بن أبي زياد استفتي يوم كذا وكذا في مسألة فأخطأ فمن كان أفتاه الحسن بن أبي زياد بشيء فليرجع إليه
        فلبث أياما لا يفتي حتى وجد صاحب الفتوى فأعلمه أنه أخطأ وإن الصواب كذا وكذا والله أعلم