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How to not waste time?

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    Re: How to not waste time?


    Buy some Islaamic books, read them, join Muslimah Halaqah group, etc...
    Reported by Ibn al-Salah:

    ولقد أحسن الحسن بن أبي زياد اللؤلؤي صاحب أبي حنيفة فيما بلغنا عنه أنه استفتي في مسألة فأخطأ فيها ولم يعرف الذي أفتاه فاكترى مناديا فنادى أن الحسن بن أبي زياد استفتي يوم كذا وكذا في مسألة فأخطأ فمن كان أفتاه الحسن بن أبي زياد بشيء فليرجع إليه
    فلبث أياما لا يفتي حتى وجد صاحب الفتوى فأعلمه أنه أخطأ وإن الصواب كذا وكذا والله أعلم


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      Re: How to not waste time?

      Originally posted by .mirror. View Post
      Memorize Surahs!!
      It's so fun!
      Oh...good idea ;)
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        Re: How to not waste time?

        Originally posted by adri View Post
        well i was learning off books but classical arabic, not learning to speak the language , just learning to read Quran.

        So at the moment i can sort of read a few words in Quran, I see it and say it slowly, but it does not flow so i still need to learn basics, i know a few longer words now but i still need to learn the letters with different things like sukoon etc.

        then with memorisation i just stopped doing ... but i should really begin again InshaAllah
        Go in parallel form i.e. you learn how to read and also memorize through speech simultaneously.

        Like first you read then after you have completed a cycle of reading practice, then memorize the surah through speach.I think there are lots of videos in the internet which show how to read, it was also posted over before.It was basically a channel.So practice the letters,then words,then special words that come in Quran, then go on to read atleast 2-3 sentences a day in quran then after a week increase the number of sentences to one page then go on increasing.But at the sametime memorize the surah through speach in parallely.
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          Re: How to not waste time?

          I will go out for a walk or just for shopping to relax rather than surf the Internet.