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If I say its my life, its my choice. I LIE!

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  • If I say its my life, its my choice. I LIE!

    It is amazing to hear people saying, "Its my life, its my wealth, its my choice, its my time, its my body...." because all of these are granted to me to TEST me. My soul was in a certain 'place' for a long time, without my will, till my birth took place in this world. I didn't write an application to anyone to send me to earth in flesh & blood. I didn't choose: the time & place of my birth, my parents & siblings, my unique eye retina, finger print, colour, looks, height, voice, hair,& other features that were designed to satisfy my heart. Neither did I made my parents restless in my love, nor did they create their love for me on their own, but it was inculcated in them by a divine force which knew that I needed a lot of attention at this delicate age. Hence, cute and heart warming moves were inculcated in my actions, so that it keeps all the relatives smiling, excited, loving & attentive towards me. Neither did I learn such attention gaining ways on my own, nor was I taught about it. Then, Who did it ? Out of all the people from the beginning till the end, I didn't select a range of people, & match their time & place of arrival with mine so that I could come accross & interact with them at different stages of my life. Even selection of my life partner was "ARRANGED" to be selected out of that particular range. Each ability that I have, I didn't create it myself, but the divine force blessed me with it.

    Still, I kept ignoring all these facts, till I saw the first dead body in my life at the age of 13, that of my grand father. When he didn't reply to me for the first time, I realized that the time of leaving is also not in my control. That divine force now wants me to find out what HE wants from me, blessing me (humans) with a unique "ability to choose" even against my instincts. Searching what HE wills, through a navigator (mind) to think and an alarm (heart) to feel & differenciate between right & wrong. Honoring me with a teacher (prophet) & a text book (Quran), HE made sure that I pass in this open book exam, unless I decide not to follow the light of my heart but the evil temptations that distract us from preparing for the exams.

    That only apportunity of "do or die" in infinite years has finally arrived. The clock is ticking, & I don't want to be counted among those who when rise from their graves, cry out "We got deceived. Give us another chance..." No one can deceive anyone unless one himself is willing to be decieved from the TRUTH that was inculcated in our system...even though we were tested with different circumstances. Its not my life, but the life I live here would decide my actual eternal life in the hereafter.
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