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The Modernists in Light of Evolution

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  • The Modernists in Light of Evolution

    "It is truly unfortunate to see some Muslims promote the theory of evolution by relying on equivocal, mutashabih, verses of the Qur’an, some of which are clear metonym or kinaya, and leaving the unequivocal, muhkam verses. This is precisely what Allah warns us against..."

    Shaqur Rehman edited by Abu Rumaysah

    One of the difficulties that face the Muslim nation today is the pressure to conform to dominant discourse and popular culture. The battle for hearts and minds is constant – it is waged through 24 hour media (otherwise known as the 24 hour propaganda machine), through the educational establishments that teach our children truth mixed with falsehood, and by the hypocrites in our own ranks: people who appear to be from us, yet their hearts incline towards evil, slowly drip feeding their pernicious falsehood to fit their agenda of reforming and modernising Islam. Their desire is to make Islam more palatable to the philosophy of liberal secularism because they themselves have an affiliation to it. The modernists suffer a crisis of sophistication that infests their hearts with doubts leading to a chronic inferiority complex. Their longing to be accepted by those whose approval they crave and their want for an epitaph of ‘Islamic reformer’ and ‘thinker’ leads them to stoop ever lower, perhaps even selling their hereafter for a miserable price.

    Taught in classrooms throughout the western world is Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is taught as fact that human beings evolved from other species and is often used erroneously by atheists as a basis for their disbelief in God. Evolution theory has undergone significant amendments since Darwin posited his theory. Those amendments which gave rise to what we can now term ‘neo-darwinism’ can best be described as a ‘science of gaps’. In other words there are certain things you observe, you cannot really explain them scientifically and you do not want to resort to explaining them spiritually because you have a basic philosophical pre-supposition that nothing exists except matter. So rather than leave any gaps through which you fear a divine being may slip through you fill the cracks with hypothesis and certify it as scientific knowledge so that it becomes a theory of everything. To put it simply, the conclusion is arrived at because of the assumption. Anti-religious philosophy gave birth to science instead of science giving rise to its atheistic connotations.

    The theory that man evolved is in clear contradistinction to the account given in the Qur’an and Sunnah of the creation of man. From time to time the modernists unambiguously expose their chameleon reality by imposing their distorted unislamic beliefs upon the wider Muslim body who they believe to be mere credulous laypeople. Recently an attempt was made to reconcile the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah with the theory of evolution of man using lurid and patently absurd interpretation. However, the scriptural evidences are so copious in number and so clear cut that these are considered issues of Muslim belief wherein attempts to make ta’wil (allegorical inference) are considered disbelief of the revelation and thus disbelief in Islam