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Helping the neglected honorable students

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  • Helping the neglected honorable students

    Abdullah Ibne Mubarak Rahmatullah alaihe, the renowned Muhaddith and a great Divine, was very particular about giving his favours to the Ulama (Scholars of Quran and Hadith). When someone asked him, "Wouldn’t it be better if you also granted favours to people other than the Ulama", he replied, "In my estimate, no other status except Nabuwwat (Prophethood) is more exalted than that of the Ulama of Islam. When a seeker of Islamic knowledge turns his attention to something else, it distracts him from his pursuit of knowledge; it is therefore, most desirable to help him to devote all his time to learning of Quran and Hadith " (and later teaching it to the coming generations)

    A student that seeks the knowledge of Allah's words (Quran) and that of his prophet's words (hadith) in the present age is not helped by the government scholarships as much as are the seekers of other worldly knowledge. Just like the status of Allah (swt) is unimaginably higher than that of HIS creations, similarly the knowledge of HIS words and that of HIS prophets is higher in status than all the other types of knowledge. Similarly, the seekers of the Knowledge of Quran and hadith deserve more respect, more scholarships and more salary, because their degree is higher in front of Allah (Swt) and the Prophet (saw) than the seeker of any other knowledge. Unfortunately, the case is opposite in present age, that is why people like me need to support them in their difficult times, as much is possible.
    Read not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. Inhale positive, exhale negative

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    Re: Helping the neglected honorable students

    As-Salamu ʿAlaykum,

    bro please dont misunderstand me,i am not critisizing your post or am not against it.of course, those who seek to learns deen are more honorable than those like us who seek worldly knowledge and try to be successful in worldly affairs.but there may be a common error that maybe(i say "maybe) some people almost assume that if you are pious,you automatically are exempt from worldly things;like Allah has to miraculously give you money,good life for your efforts in deen(Allah forbid someone thinks like that!).Allah does not have to give you or me or to anyone ANYTHING!!!our efforts are far from being enough to save us even from jahannam!this is not what u meant in your post, i know;i am just trying get to my point:my point is that if someone spends his time learning his deen instead of earning money,he will be so pious he will automatically not think about money,reputation,RESPECT,SALARY!!!

    i am not saying people shouldnt help pious students!i am not arguing against your point!i am just saying a couple of words on this topic.i want to see pious alims who will not wait for their murids to feed him,but go on to life,work for themselves ,teaching people how to work according to İslam!!!in many Asian countries including mine,scholars,alims,murshids live a life far away from daily things,economy,work.almost like medieval monks shutting themselves in remote monasteries away from "common people" then rant about social life!so some of those common people think that İslam is separate from daily life or from politics or from economy!we,Muslims, have to take an example of Sahabah:they were excellent in everything;they were excellent in trade and business,they were excellent warriors,THEY were living their lives,earning their money.because of that there are many hadiths about daily life,business transactions how many scholars can defend himself in a street fight?yes this is not a joke,i am really asking;how many of those pious students know shooting a gun?how are they going to lead this Ummah in an emergency?how many of them know how to speak good?how do you expect a student be an example to others if he cant earn money in halal methods?
    a single person, however pious or knowledgable he is, cannot help a married couple too much!he HAS to follow the Sunnah;GET MARRIED!a person who cannot work in the hard business conditions today cannot really guide haram-earning sinners to the right path! if u want to teach İslam to other people,first learn it yourself;İslam includes every aspect of life including marriage,business,sport,economy,and POLITICS!i want to see a scholar lead the way!i will follow,people will follow.

    this rant is mainly about the situation in my country; u may well know,in Turkey some people are trying to reduce İslam to the mosque.and those people -who look pious- but never touch the issue of politics,or stay away from daily life sitting in a corner to let their murids do ALL the work for them;they dont help either!i am not targeting anyone special;i just want to see some men of ilm come "closer" to common people instead of being away from "common,dirty" works.are they doing what the Sahabah did,or what the medieval monks did?