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Sexual abuse in Muslim communities

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    Re: Sexual abuse in Muslim communities

    Should activities should not be mention'd, they should be whispered to bringeth justice.....

    For what good is a medic to a rape? What good has ever been brought by a sword.....


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      Re: Sexual abuse in Muslim communities

      Originally posted by .: Anna :. View Post
      do you have any experience of this or are you just talking crap, because i feel it is the latter?
      go and talk to people who have been raped or abused by their family members i think you will find regardless of culture it is v often kept quiet, not acknowledged, swept under the carpet. even rape of adults by non family member etc, there is a lot of stigma still to being raped. why do you think the rate of people reporting it is and always has been very low??
      sorry but i find you quite ignorant, talking about people in the muslim community are so ignorant denying any abuse occurs etc then you go on yourself to deny there is any problem with this in the outer community, totally not the case.
      if you are going to talk about something then know what you are talking about
      Why would I write about something like this if I had no insight or knowledge into this or any experience with such victims? Perhaps it is you that should interact with victims more and gain some insight before commenting.

      I am not denying the occurance of such things outside muslim communites, but I feel it is neccessary to break the taboo within our own communities.

      I cant understand how you can apologise for an insult before the insult. Perhaps it makes you feel that it is more acceptable, but for a moderator I would expect more maturity and good manners. I have not called you names, and neither intend to do so. Ma as salama.
      Allah is compassionate and He loves compassion in all things. [Hadith]