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am i becoming to extreme?

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  • am i becoming to extreme?

    salam everyone,over the last few years i have been reading sufi literature and deeply thinking on its meanings,becoming a better muslim by never missing prayers and reading and seeing the beauty of the Quran, ive gotten to such a point that i dont care for anything in this life anymore,i was a computer science major and i left it to pursue a associates degree in nursing just so i could be finished with school asap and focus more on my heart and make hajj and umrah. i know the muslim way is the middle way,but i dont want to think of anything else,i dont want to have other interest in my heart, has anyone else ever gone through this? and if they have is it a bit extreme?

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    Re: am i becoming to extreme?

    Hmm I think it's good that you want to strive to be a good muslim that afterall is everyone's aims. But remember you are still meant to live in this world, for e.g get married which is a sunnah of the Prophet (saw), enjoy marriage life, and provide for your wife (assuming your a man). You are meant to socialise i.e. be good with your parents and visit the sick. It is good to be Islamic to pray to want to become closer to God. I do not see anything bad in this, afterall mashAllah I see many sheikhs who dedicate their life to Allah.

    It's also important to do things from the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) so remember the hadith of the three men who were doing more ibadah than the Prophet (saw) and the Prophet (saw) told us this is wrong. What Allah loves in worship and is life has been shown to us by the blessed Prophet (saw).


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      Re: am i becoming to extreme?

      If you want to become a Sufi then study under a Shaykh and not from self-study.
      Reported by Ibn al-Salah:

      ولقد أحسن الحسن بن أبي زياد اللؤلؤي صاحب أبي حنيفة فيما بلغنا عنه أنه استفتي في مسألة فأخطأ فيها ولم يعرف الذي أفتاه فاكترى مناديا فنادى أن الحسن بن أبي زياد استفتي يوم كذا وكذا في مسألة فأخطأ فمن كان أفتاه الحسن بن أبي زياد بشيء فليرجع إليه
      فلبث أياما لا يفتي حتى وجد صاحب الفتوى فأعلمه أنه أخطأ وإن الصواب كذا وكذا والله أعلم