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Abaya shops - B'ham

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  • Abaya shops - B'ham

    Assalaamu`alaykum wrwb

    Anybody here know of any? Near to the city centre would be great. Otherwise, anywhere in Bham. Not fashion abayas please. Something similar to the one in the link below.
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    Re: Abaya shops - B'ham

    Wa'Alikum wasalam

    Its so hard to find just plan abayas, trying going to alum rock road, or coventry road ( Amsons has loads of things ) this is there website
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      Re: Abaya shops - B'ham


      You can get plain black abayas from Saif Clothing on Alum Rock Rd.

      I think buying one and then getting them sewn is better, because I've ripped quite a few abayas and it's a waste!