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Your institution ? Which language do you prefer to listen to and speak ?

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  • Your institution ? Which language do you prefer to listen to and speak ?

    But before providing details, please bear with me for few minutes and understand the rules...

    If you have a bit of observation, experience & sharpness than, by the grace of Allah (swt), you can easily understand from a person's use of words and tone that which language he likes speaking and from which institution he has been getting training from.

    Mostly those whose 'time' & 'obedient attention' are spent in a particular institution, would find it very difficult to digest the perspectives of an institution that is a bit different in principles from the one they have been attending classes of, all their life...

    The graduates of Star Plus wouldn't find it very easy to digest a language that speaks of the perspective of Quran and hadith and hence disallow hindu traditions....etc.. Obviously, the one who has been himself taking interest in reading hadiths all his life would find it very easy to understand a perspective presented to him in accordance to the nature of Quranic/ hadith language. Others would be so shocked & surprised that they would immediately place aside their favorite bed time magazine, and ask you to provide them with the authentic reference of this (strange) hadith, that they (the greatest scholars of all times) never heard of. How is it possible that their is an authentic hadith on this earth and they managed to forget hearing/ reading to it ??!? Such authentic references wouldn't be required, in order to quote anything from their favorite magazines because they would immediately understand that you are actually speaking the 'language' which that magazine always speak, and they have always been learning to understand it with a cup of interest. Same goes for the students of Bollywood, GEO TV, CNN, BBC, Fox TV, Fashion TV......etc.

    It is up to us to decide if we want to develop our language of the institution of Holly wood or of the institution of Holy Quran

    Unfortunately I myself am among the confused ones up till now but want to become the student (slave) of Allah (swt) & the Prophet (saw), by the grace and mercy of Allah (swt)
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    Re: Your institution ? Which language do you prefer to listen to and speak ?

    mashaALLAH. very good point.
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      Re: Your institution ? Which language do you prefer to listen to and speak ?

      Makes so much sense.
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