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The Blame Game within cultures

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    Re: The Blame Game within cultures

    The major problem is that the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent have reduced Islam to a set of rituals. Other religions are ritualistic but Islam has very few rituals, like in Hajj...Islam is more than a is a complete way of life. I'll give examples using two very common scenarios

    First scene - During weddings
    Loud music blaring from speakers, men & women mingling, laughing, talking, dancing together , bride & grrom seated together on the stage. Suddenly there is an announcement that the Qazi is coming....someone shouts "2 minutes, 2 minutes, just 2 minutes everybody".
    For 2 minutes, the music stops, people grumble, everyone becomes serious , the men & the women separate, and the women cover their heads. A bearded Qazi comes on the stage, the nikah is performed, then he goes away. As soon as he goes away, the music starts, women uncover their heads & the intermingling & dancing begins once again

    Is following Islam confined to 2 minutes ????

    Second Scene - Funeral
    When a woman dies, people start implementing the laws of Shariah very seriously. No non-mehrams of the deceased women are allowed to see her, everyone takes out the Qur'an to recite & pray to Allah for her forgiveness.

    Is the hijab from non-mehrams to be observed only after death ???
    Was the Qur'an sent as a source of guidance for the dead or the living ???

    I don't get why we blame all our shortcomings and failures on our Ulemas / Hindu culture . We are responsible for causing our own destruction by not following Islam. .


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      Re: The Blame Game within cultures

      Originally posted by DarkChocolate View Post
      Don't worry sis, I'm a Pakistani I don't criticise Bangladeshi culture. Saari is a beautiful dress under a burka lol. Well, actually many Pakistani girls/women like to wear it especially in parties, I have seen and heard both. And don't believe in lollywood, it doesn't represent Pakistani culture.


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        Re: The Blame Game within cultures

        Originally posted by dhakiyya View Post
        you know what gets me though, is how many imams and scholars justify hindu jahiliyya and tell kids that they have no right to stand up for their rights against their parents, and wives that they have no right to stand up for their rights against their husband and/or mother in law. There are some cultural practices such as forced marriage or refusing to allow their children to marry for reasons that are not Islamically justifiable and wives being forced to endure abuse at the hands of her mother in law, and also domestic abuse where the husband is beating the wife or in other ways failing to fulfil her rights such as forcing her to go to work, or completely failing to support her at all (even though he's capable)..... and then when you try to help people in these situations, you get imams and scholars saying "your parents know what's best for you" (i.e. let them destroy your life by forcing you to marry someone you don't want to marry) and "just put up with it and make dua for your situation to improve" (i.e. i have no backbone and I'm too scared to enjoin the good and forbid the evil because the family doing this to her is an influential one in the community).
        here we go, another thread in anon counselling showing this EXACT thing i was talking about:

        where are the Imams that know the difference between Islam and culture???

        where are the Imams that have enough backbone to enjoin the good and forbid the evil and tell parents like this STRAIGHT that what they are doing is WRONG and they will have to answer to it on judgement day?????