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Buerger’s Disease- Its Effects and Causes

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  • Buerger’s Disease- Its Effects and Causes

    Smoking is related to a number of diseases out of which Buerger’s disease is one.

    Buerger’s disease is a disease in which there is clotting as well as inflammation in the arteries and veins of the hands and the feet. Due to this the veins and arteries block further blood supply to the fingers and toes which causes pain, color changes, coldness etc. A person suffering from Buerger’s disease experiences severe pain in the affected parts, especially fingers and toes. The patient is also likely to get affected by other disorders like gangrene and skin ulcerations.

    From the many factors that cause Buerger’s disease, smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco containing substances, is known to be a major cause of this disorder. Smoking has contributed to a major chunk of people suffering from Buerger’s disease. It has been found that cigarette smoking and smoking of other tobacco containing substances leads to the initiation of an autoimmune mechanism in the smoker’s body. This autoimmune mechanism leads to inflammation and clotting, when the body’s immune system starts attacking its tissues. This inflammation and clotting in the veins and arteries are symptoms of Buerger’s disease. People who were earlier addicted to smoking can also contract Buerger’s disease if they start using nicotine patches or are subjected to second hand smoking. Chewing tobacco can also lead to this disease.

    The best way to prevent the growth of Buerger’s disease is by quitting smoking. A lot of Help to quit smoking is available in the market. Some people also undergo vascular surgery to treat this disease. Bypass surgery is also conducted on some patients to ensure proper and unhindered blood flow to the legs.