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Where to keep one's eyes during a conversation ?

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    Re: Where to keep one's eyes during a conversation ?

    Some good ideas. JazakAllah khair everyone for sharing.
    Read not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. Inhale positive, exhale negative


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      Re: Where to keep one's eyes during a conversation ?

      Originally posted by Submit To Peace View Post
      One can't watch continuously in a person's eyes while talking, specially to elders / seniors / stranger..etc. How do you keep your eyes switch places during conversations ? What factors does it depend upon ? I mean at times people look towards the wall, or floor while talking... Does looking straight into your eyes at times make you uncomfortable and interrupt your thought process while talking to someone you respect a lot ?

      Anything else you feel that makes a discussion easy going / difficult only because of improper use of staring/looking ?

      p.s. Serious replies and clean ones only appreciated. Of course I am only talking about discussions with "Mehrams". We all (Muslims) know that we aren't allowed to look at the non-mehram if we are forced to have a conversation.
      I have the same problem, if i find myself looking at someone in the face i feel uncomfortable. So then i end up looking over the shoulder and all over the place like the wall here there and evrywhere.. sometimes i even lose track of the conversation
      HOWEVER. This problem only arises when i think about where to keep my eyes rather than the conversation itself. Just concentrate on what you say and the eye contact goes.
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        Re: Where to keep one's eyes during a conversation ?


        I know exactly what you meant by this post!!! I cannot to save the life of me watch people eye to....its really awkward and I guess tos far more humbling to not look eye to eye as it could be seen as a sign of arrogance.....i.e. its almost like point with the finger but with eye contact if you know what I mean?

        What I do when I start a convo...I look at the eyes then look to my right like between shoulder and elbow then here there look back to show I am paying attention....saying the above

        It is sunnah to turn body fully and make contact when talking and the sunnah of the sahaba to make full body contact (i.e. facing that way and looking down). So it depends on you but if you feel awkward then dont be awkward about looking towards them but not at them (i.e. right of their shoulder or left). Hope it helps.

        My salaam