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what do you do on christmas?

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    Re: what do you do on christmas?

    Originally posted by weird View Post
    if you have a non-muslim family that celebrates christmas, what do you do during this time?
    Weird - this is always a struggle for me each year, as I am a revert and my family celebrates Christmas. Even more than that - we have alot of strong memories related to Christmas time when we were young, poor, and alot of people came to help us. So I remind my family every year that I do not celebrate christmas, but it is still difficult for them to accept. Especially now that I have a son.

    So what we do is we won't visit during the Christmas season, in order to avoid all the awkward times they give us gifts and we have none to return (cause even though we tell them not to give us presents they still do) and sometimes we will go there, but during the time they do the gift-giving, we will excuse ourselves and go do something else or leave for the night. We want our son to understand and not be confused about the fact that we do not celebrate, but Grama and Grampa do and that is okay. We just feel it may get confusing for him to be there with all the presents and he being the only one not receiving any.

    It's weird, Weird. There definitely is no easy way. But this is part of what Allah has guided us on - that it's not always easy to follow the Straight Path, but we must try our best to follow his guidance. The only holidays we are to celebrate are the 2 eids. Celebration of other religious holidays or even birthdays is not allowed in Islam, so my family does our best to stick to that. It is not hard once you decide for yourself, but the family may do their own thing regardless and you have to just deal with that in the best way possible.

    Good luck. Emani, Jr.


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      Re: what do you do on christmas?

      Christmas was so awkward this year.

      The Prophet (saw) said, Verily, the knots of Islam will be undone one by one. Whenever one knot is lost, then the people grabbed onto the one which came after it. The first of these knots will be ruling and the last will be the salah.[1]

      The author of Sitoon as-Sultaniyah says about this Hadith: “It was the Prophet who tied together the knots of Islam, including the uppermost knot of ruling after he established the Islamic state…As mentioned by Imam Mawardi the leadership has been proscribed as the succession of the Prophet in protecting the deen and governing the societal affairs. In this respect – Imam Baidawi mentioned that the Imama/Khalifah is the succession from the Prophet in the establishment of the laws of the Shari’ah. So without the Imam the laws lie unapplied and the territory is not protected effectively. The hadith indicates that it is the uppermost knot that keeps the subsequent knots safe from being untied. This is since it is the ruler that is responsible to apply Islam in its entirety, to implement the limits proscribed by Allah and to protect the society. Imam Ahmed mentioned without an Imam (for the Muslims as their leader) there would be fitna, and the destruction of the symbols of Islam ending with the Prayer is a great fitna.[2]

      [1] Tabarani, Musnad Ahmad and Al Hakim in his Al Mustadrak
      [2] Ibid. pg. 46