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Am I mental?

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    Re: Am I mental?


    Familiarity helps; for this reason I like keeping
    eg. my personal prayer beads with me wherever I go.
    When I find myself feeling uncomfortable
    in whichever or for whatever reasons ,
    the prayer beads help to remind me of what is
    most important in life.

    "When authority is given to those who do not deserve it,
    wait for the Day of Judgment."


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      Re: Am I mental?

      Bro, i can understand 100% or more what your going through, having suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for a good 8 odd years.
      At first, yes you will feel like your going mad, because its fear and this fear will feel like it has affected you phsycially because you mentally think it has!
      It is not a mental disorder as people wrongly call it, i'll pm you on this i can offer so much on this issue.

      ps, someone mentioned salat, i agree 100% salat helped me through my problems when i was like 17-18 and lost because of this anxiety business, but it goes deeper, in order to fully take anxiety by the neck and understand it, you have to look at many many factors, like i said i will help you on this, pm-ing u now :).


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        Re: Am I mental?

        Assalmu Alaikom warahmatoAllahi wabarakatoh my brother

        My professor at the universit says( everyone of us has a mental disorder to a certain degree).This comes from the fact that almost everyone has something related to a mental disorder but in different severities! an example of this is:
        a peron who has to do a presentation ....most people feel anxious about this experience, their bodies react as if they are in danger, sweating, dilated pupils , racing heart rate , fast and deep breathing...etc , as long as the situation DOES NOT interfer with your (ADLs or activity of daily living) and it`s controllable , then you are fine .
        If you feel that you are incapable of getting your activities of daily living done due to the anxiety that you feel , then you should get a professional help , like counceling.However as muslims we know that these things are considred illnesses of the nafs (or the soul) and it can be cured by the Quran, dua , sadaqa(charity) and salah.
        Nowadays akhi, and due to the stressors of life there are MANYYYY people that suffer from disorders like , phobias, anxiety, Opsessive compulsive disorders , schizophrenia and mood disorders, that these disorders are not stigmatized as before.If you feel that you NEED help , then you SHOULD get it! te sooner the better , and inshAllah , you will have them lessend if not cured !

        I wish you all the best my brother and may Allah ease your suffering , remember with sabr you can reach the highest levels in the paradise , inshAllah :)
        Jannah is my aim


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          Re: I may have a disorder. Need advice

          Originally posted by cuezed View Post

          I had just read some articles concerning "social anxiety disorder" and have only now realised that I have this.

          All the symptoms like up with what I am going through since I had severe acne breakout 11 years ago.

          Now I don't know what to do. My family will go nuts and what will my wife think. I didn't know I had this and now I want to try do something about it.
          brother u r not alone.. me myself I is suffering from the very same thing... m not gonna start praising my self but alhamdolillah like a gem ALLAH made me perfect in every apparent sense, i mean i dun think its the acne that made u like this... i m not social at all, dun like crowd,extremely shy but with the passage of time i have started accepting the way i m, infact m happy that ALLAH made me like this... i think some other brother had this problem too and i replied as long as this shyness and judgness monster doesnt effect your courage/braveness, its ok.. its cool accept it.. be brave bro shyness and controlled social phobia isnt a bad thing...


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            Re: I may have a disorder. Need advice


            To be positive about it!

            How well think of this way, soceity has it corrupts side and you will be avoiding it. A wife should understand.

            Also so what if you hace acne you can reduce it or get rid of it by some ointments! Talk to your gp or other people in similar situations also remember if you do everything with the thought of pleasing Allah swt then you dont need to be insecure about goint out. I.e. must do shopping as it will pelase parents please Allah swt then go for it no matter how awkward you feel. Whats the worst can happen? Not much!

            Family should not go nuts but if you are certain then approach the most approach person and try talk to them...sister or a mother perhaps and just say nicely I dont like going out becuase of this and I fear this might happen. Every soul is understanding so they should be able to help you out.

            Your not mental its jsut societys pressure to have and ideal human image body, face etc. I too use to think I cant go out looking like so and I would stay in. I know its not bad as in your case but its important to reflect and remember life is given to you by Allah swt and try to live according to the sunnah and do good deeds. People who love Allah swt and the beloved dont care what you look like or what colour. Stick with them for the sake of Allah swt.

            Always keep Allah swt and the beloved in your thoughts and it will help you survive this temporary life and remember in Jennah inshllah you wont have such problems! So dont think its the end of anything no way....just a test and try to focus on more important things in life. I understand not everyone out their is nice and cant avoid them all the time but remember not everyone is bad and you cant avoid them either. SO in either situation just do your best and thats the most important thing.

            So you nor mad just worried and by the will of Allah swt and the beloved stick to them two alone is enough for a soul. Hard I know but no hardhsip is burdened on a soul without the capacitiy of baring it. Inshallah try and you will succeed.

            I hope it helps!

            My salaam