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I don't know what I want from life (career, marriage, etc)

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  • Supernova Nebula
    Re: I don't know what I want from life (career, marriage, etc)

    If you have plan to make hijrah to a Muslim environment - Muslim country, I would advice you to take up teaching diploma in English after your degree. I heard Arab countries are more welcoming especially if you are revert from US and UK with teaching diploma in English.

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  • Sam_87
    Re: I don't know what I want from life (career, marriage, etc)

    ok, you need to snap out of it, dont be ungrateful to Allah, millions of people would love to study and Allah has given you means to study, loads of people would love to have a job (esp in these times) and Allah SWT has given you one, etcc. What im trying to say is look to the people below you and then you will realise how much better off you are. Do not be the people that Allah Ta`aala has descbribed as being ungrateful when bad times befall them, jus say Alhamdullilah ala kulli haal. You hate your life now, wallahi if you were to visit some places or speak to people going thru major hardships you will enjoy every aspect of your current life. Im not having a go akhi, but honestly say Alhamdullilah you're able to walk, see, hear, where i work a woman has short term memory loss, she calls my workplace 10 times a day asking me the same question, subhaAllah imagine being stricken with such a test.

    1)Regarding your career, you're not the only one confused about career, just finish your degree and do some work experience or jus teach abroad.

    2) Who doesnt hate their job?

    3) Friends, well you'll get to an age or stage in life where you will be happier with less friends, as they can take time away from the remembrance of Allah Ta`aala (unless they r good for your deen). Try and attend halaqas in your masjid n meet up with those brothers

    4) Dont stress over marriage, it will happen when Allah SWT has decreed

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  • I don't know what I want from life (career, marriage, etc)

    Salaam everyone. 2011 is fast approaching and I plan to drastically redesign my life. However, I'm not sure what I want my future to be.

    1) My future career: I don't know what I want to be for my career. I'm currently in college and about to get my AA degree in General Education. Once I get that in the summer, I transfer to a larger university to complete the rest of my education. The problem is, I don't know what I want to be for a career. Everyone says to pick something you love, but the things I want to do are not profitable careers (tornado chaser, owner of a carnivorous plant nursery, car designer, etc). During most of my time in elementary school, middle, and high school, I wanted to be an actor, but that career choice is way too risky, not to mention I have a speech impediment.

    Further, I struggle with school work. I can study all I want but when it comes time for a test, I almost instantly forget everything and I end up bombing most of my tests. Because of all the classes I've had to repeat or drop, I'm now several years behind my education schedule.

    2) My current job. I work in fast food (Subway), and my store is Muslim owned and largely Muslim-operated. I get free food and tip money. Personally this is a great part-time job for me, but I'm loosing patience with the people I deal with. I dread coming into work every day because I'm basically the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the store. For example, I work really fast but the other employees tell the boss that I'm too slow. I was closing with a female co-worker and it was really busy so we were behind on our work. She then calls my manager to say that we're behind and it's my fault. Not to mention I deal with tons of customers who give me problems.

    With all these people causing problems for me, I must admit that there have been multiple customers who tell me I'm the best customer service they've ever had. I do my best to be funny, cheerful, and helpful to the customers, and sometimes it works, but I know the other employees don't like that. For example, they always make fun of my style of dealing with customers, even in front of the manager. I hope that I make a customer's day a little better, but I don't know if I'm appreciated.

    I really want to get a different job, but in today's economy I really want to keep my job with free food and Muslim workers (which is what I've always wanted since I converted).

    3) Friends: I have discovered that many of my "friends" ignore me. For example, after I converted to Islam, I lost almost all my high school friends. The ones I did manage to keep on Facebook ignore me. Further, I've noticed my Muslim friends doing this too. None of them want to hang out with me or anything. Every week, I try to plan something with friends for the weekend, but at the last minute, they say they have other plans and every weekend I'm stuck in my house by myself.

    4) Marriage: I don't even know if I want to get married at all. There's a new convert sister and we've been becoming good friends and I've thought about marriage with her, but we were discussing our future lives and she says that she wants to be a stay-home mom (like a traditional Muslim woman) with at least 8 children while the husband works and provides for the family. I don't want that, so that throws the idea of marriage out the window.

    In short, my life is completely out of order right now and I don't even know what I want my life to be. I feel completely alone and I feel that the rest of my life will be like that. I might as well just take my car and drive someplace new and just start a new life like Witness Protection Program or something. But I know that won't change anything and will probably be worst off than before.

    I hate my life and there's nothing I can do that will change it or could have changed it.