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Query about halal meat

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  • Query about halal meat

    I'm not a muslim, however I wish to hold a dinner party at my house and invite a muslim friend. I am planning to cook meat (a chicken curry), and I was therefore wondering what would be the most respectful thing to do in this situation.
    It would be my personal instinct to try and purchase halal chicken in order to allow my friend to enjoy the same experience as all the other guests. From the perspective of a muslim, would this be an acceptable thing to do, or would it be more respectful just to cook a vegetarian dish for him instead?

    Also, if it would be ok to buy halal meat, where would I be able to purchase this (I live in York). Do supermarkets sell halal meat, or would I need to go to a specialist shop?


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    Re: Query about halal meat

    This can become quite tricky for the host and the guest. The 'halal chicken' issue has become quite a minefield in the muslim community. The othordoxy of the person also comes into question. One person would be o.k eating the chicken as long it is from a halal selling outlet where as another wouldn't eat until they verify themselves where the chicken came from, how was it slaughtered etc. They might not trust a halal outlet. It can get relay confusing

    So it al depends on how orthodox your friend is. I would say the safer option being having a vegetarian dish (excluding any alcohol in the ingredients).