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No time to pray at work

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    Re: No time to pray at work

    Originally posted by Wolfn View Post
    Well, my boss doesn't allow the only female Muslim worker to wear a hijab.
    Wow I am really sad to hear this. If she really cares about her deen she should fight this no matter what. There are muslim organizations that will help you take this to court. You just have to be strong enough to not compromise your religion for just a job. If you put your trust in Allah he surely will make things easier for you.

    There is a sister here who was told that she couldnt wear her hijab while working at disneyland(revert). So now she is getting help from Muslim Organizations to help fight this problem. Disneyland had the same statement from their headcorps that it would drive customers away or scare childrens. If Muslim attorneys can try to fight Disneyland imagine what they could do to the small Subway corp. Dont let others walk all over you bro. You shouldnt be a second class citizen.

    I agree with Aisha and ask if you could please provide the location of this Subway.
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      Re: No time to pray at work

      I think since the owner is Muslim, he should be given a polite invitation to let the brothers pray and the sister to do hijaab, if he insists on disobeying Allah then let him have it.