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Confidence Issues

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  • Confidence Issues

    I have a confidence issue as i had lost it because of many family problems and 'black magic' done on our family. I want to regain it as I feel lost. I find it hard to talk to people. I have tried everything. I also cannot concentrate properly in lessons. I read 'Rabi zidni ilma' often (My Lord! Increase me in knowledge) but I still feel slow and dull. I do not have mental issues but lost confidence and feel stressed often. Every person i speak to who speaks their mind says 'You look lost'..... Am I a lost soul? Is there such thing as a lost soul? I do not pray all my salaat.. is this why? Please help.. i need to sort out the root cause and do not want just temporary happiness.



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    Re: Confidence Issues

    Start praying all your salah.


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      Re: Confidence Issues

      Yes start praying your salaahs and Quran too

      Then maybe see a shaykh who can help you with this or maybe guide you.
      الصلوۃ والسلام علیک یا سیدی یارسول اللہ


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        Re: Confidence Issues

        black magic can kill u ... get some help for it. provides some help but visiting some1 who deals in this issues is better


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          Re: Confidence Issues

          If you miss your salah it will have a draining effect on you so you must at the very least pray your 5 fardh salah and try to work out how many you have missed and make a timetable for making them up. If you can do this then Allah subhana wa ta'alaa will look kindly upon you and you all feel a huge surge in confidence, insa'allah.
          Allah is so Great and Merciful that although we continue to disobey Him, He still awaits for our repentance so that He may forgive us.


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            Re: Confidence Issues

            Morning H.K.

            Obviously I'll answer from a non-Muslim perspective but here goes.

            There are a couple of things that stood our for me from your post. Namely ...

            I find it hard to talk to people
            I also cannot concentrate properly in lessons.
            Now as you say, it may just be a confidence issue. However, there may well be something else behind it. The 2 elements I've highlighted are possible symptoms of ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder) which is something that can be easily managed through diet and/or medication.

            Make an appointment and have a chat with your local doctor.



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              Re: Confidence Issues


              check the following site:


              inshaAllah u will find it useful. there are lots of members on there with black magic/jinn problems.
              but definitely pray ur salah! how can u get any sort of contentment in life if u neglect ur salah??

              "You are the best nation raised up for men. You enjoin good and forbid evil, and you believe in Allah." (Surah Al Imran 3:110)