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  • soothsayers


    A little warning to muslims especially the desis you should pass this on to the older generations in your family

    There are a lot of hindus and sikhs these days that approaching muslims (older generations) asking them a few general questions and then saying things like

    "you are a good person but mostly bad things happen to you but in december something good will happen to you" some of them then proceed to ask some questions like pick a number between 1-5 and pick your favourite flower names i have something to tell you i have been sent to tell you a message and they guess the correct information

    and they will throw in some bismillah's and salaams to make it seem like they are a muslim and some of them carry around small arabic duas and give those out and in the end they will say give some sadqah (money) to me now because i was sent to you with good news

    they are mostly targetting asian women so warn your mothers and never take anything from them
    Jo kaam karta hai tu chup ke jahaan se
    koi dekhta hai tujhe aasmaan se

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    Re: soothsayers

    :jkk: that is creepy
    "Meet people in such a manner that if you die, they should weep for you, and if you live, they should long for you." Hadhrat Ali-Ibn-Talib (RadiAllaah Anhu)