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Saudi National Day & The Youth of this Ummah

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  • Saudi National Day & The Youth of this Ummah

    ARAB NEWS : Saudi National Day

    JEDDAH/DAMMAM: Saudi Arabia decided only in 2005 to begin honoring its 1932 founding, but people across the Kingdom made up for it on Thursday with a burst of patriotic National Day gusto. As world leaders sent their messages of peace and good will to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan, families and tens of thousands of Saudi youths took to the streets in cars in major cities, waving flags and blaring music.....

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    Re: Saudi National Day & The Youth of this Ummah

    Astaghfiru Llah.

    Just to think of how the banners bearing the same Kalimah was carried from the time of the Prophet SAWS on compared to how the banners are carried in the above photos- it's plain to see that there is no respect or true honor for the carriers.


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      Re: Saudi National Day & The Youth of this Ummah

      astagfirullah .... reminds me of some of a lot of the muslims here who go to school, many are so disrespectful and they don't even know it.

      The Prophet (saw) said, Verily, the knots of Islam will be undone one by one. Whenever one knot is lost, then the people grabbed onto the one which came after it. The first of these knots will be ruling and the last will be the salah.[1]deen Imama/Khalifah is the succession from the Prophet in the establishment of the laws of the . So without the Imam the laws lie unapplied and the territory is not protected effectively. The hadith indicates that it is the uppermost knot that keeps the subsequent knots safe from being untied. This is since it is the ruler that is responsible to apply Islam in its entirety, to implement the limits proscribed by Allah and to protect the society. Imam Ahmed mentioned without an Imam (for the Muslims as their leader) there would be fitna, and the destruction of the symbols of Islam ending with the Prayer is a great fitna.[2][1] Tabarani, Musnad Ahmad and Al Hakim in his Al Mustadrak
      [2] Ibid. pg. 46