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Doesn"t altering ones looks

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  • Doesn"t altering ones looks

    defeat the purpose of wearing the Hijab. I know we want to look nice but wearing too much makeup cancel out the whole purpose of Hijab. Why wear it if we want to be noticed, I never understood this. Someone please explain. Thank you. Salam Alaikum

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    Re: Doesn"t altering ones looks

    At the end of the day we are women and it's natural for women to want to be noticed by the opposite sex
    it's the way Allah created us but we where also created for the Ibadah of Allah and part of wearing hijab in
    my opinion is a form of Ibadah because your a putting a lot of silly emotions associated with being a girl/or a women on the back burner for the bigger to answer your question wearing makeup and hijab is counter-productive all though it's natural to want to
    “Man is the only critter who feels the need to label things as flowers or weeds.”


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      Re: Doesn"t altering ones looks

      hmmm...i think there are some women who are still influenced by their peers and want to slap on the make up.

      however, we can still look nice in our hijab without a scratch of makeup by taking care of our skin and our diet.