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  • Jazakumullahu khayran for this thread.

    I heard there are people who memorise without looking at the Mus-haf unless they really really really have to. I find this interesting.

    Anyone memorise this ^ way? What's you're experience of it? I feel this will probably be very effective as the brain is forced to remember and retrieve with best effort which seems may lead to independence of the Mus-haf... ?

    I've a theory that people who can't read may have better memorising skills. Cos they can't rely on getting into from reading which makes them pay attention to holding info in memory when they hear it. Take modern times for example, people don't feel the need to remember things cos they'll just search/read it on the net as and when they need it.

    Listening is the original way of memorising Qur'an too, meaning, this is how the prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam, recieved it. So it intrigues me.

    I also find it amazing that the Qur'an is recited with melody and it's encouraged to beautify the voice (without exaggerating): melody really helps with memorising.