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Why do young (below 20 aged) sisters consider marriage as their solution?

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    Re: Why do young (below 20 aged) sisters consider marriage as their solution?

    there's no issue in getting married at a young age as 17 or even younger. as long as both the man & woman are prepared in term of knowledge of deen & mentally, among other things.

    one of the reason marriage is to protect the chastity of both parties. the environment we live nowadays are a breeding ground for us to go nearer to hellfire. temptations everywhere. by being married earlier, it gives an avenue for both man & woman to satisfy their fitrah in a halal way rather than looking somewhere else (haram ways)

    as of the hadith "marriage is half of our deen", a husband's role is to lead the wife towards becoming a better muslimah, while a good wife is there to remind the husband if he goes astray in any way. it helps to protect on both side of the coin

    when you marry early on, it gives you time to plan your family, however big you want them. a woman might have 10 child by the time they reach 40. a man might have more than that if he have more wives

    another point, if a person marries at 17, then have a child in maybe 1 year time, and the child also marries young (17 again ?). he/she would have a grandchild when they are about 36. even a great grandchild in your fifties. cool init ? :D
    “And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew.” [29:64]


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      Re: Why do young (below 20 aged) sisters consider marriage as their solution?

      The OP ruined the thread by using the number 17 instead he should have said "young" and left it to readers imagination.

      But there is truth to it.
      • You are young: you can't go anywhere, can't do anything, can't speak your mind, you are trapped in a cage being told what to do/how to act. Who wants that?
      • you feel you are not very good in school/study as you are constantly getting bad grade
      • You feel you are not good daughter as your parents are constantly telling you off
      • You have been raised with the idea "this house isn't yours, you are a guest in your parents house" (the shocking thing is yday i met a friend of mine who got married this summer and she openly said she never helped around in her parents house cuz she felt it wasn't hers & now she cares :O sad to say I was dissappointed in her)
      • Everyone around you seem happy (they have something)
      • what do you have? what do you look forward too?
      • You see on tv and nonmuslim friends who are happy with their guy
      • You know bf is bad & will never dare but husband is halal
      • You rememeber dreaming of being cinderalla & life changing with a blink of eyes
      • No more waiting for dad/bro to take you shopping (your husband will)
      • NO more stuck at home all day (husband will take you on vacation)
      • No more feeling like life is purposeless (u will be wife and mother soon masshallah)
      • No more being treated like kid by everyone (married pplz aren't)

      i know plenty of sis who married young and their main reason wasn't to be a mother/wife but to grow up and stop being treated like a kid. Also sis general, regardless of age have false hope about marriage thinking it will change their life instantly & bring them happiness just like it does in fairy-tale where a poor girl instantly becomes princess by marring a prince.

      Gets need to learn to be self-sufficent and not take their weight and drop it on a hubby