It is always true to say that the surroundings and the atmosphere affects the nature of man as a whole. The surroundings and the atmosphere not only influence their nature but the thinking capacity also which ultimately forms the base of their character. According to the Ayurvedic therapeutic system a healthy mind only dwells in a healthy body. Just like the same, a good builder can only emerge out of a good city. The city should be good in all respects, the society which to be more specific, the people and infrastructures, amenities, which counts for the development in all aspects.

Thus for a Builder Washington DCwill be the best place ever providing with the best atmosphere and a playground where he can enjoy his playing and at the same time will get room to expose his creativity to the maximum. With the generous population he can be sure of being recognized one day or the other, as the city has never disappointed a builder as such. This is evident from the respect given by the population to the builders, as they are the one who design their dreams into its perfection.

It was solely the dedication, loyalty and hard works of the builders that even after many wars, great depression and even the recent recession, the construction business has never gone down, and which led the city to be more beautiful year on year. It can be claimed that the city Washington DC has in turn influenced the builder for making her more beautiful. Thus it stays an unanswerable question, as whether it were the builders who influenced the city or is it the city which influenced the builders. The safest side is to have a diplomatic answer, that there is scope for anything to happen.