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DEar women! i need an advice

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  • DEar women! i need an advice

    Asalam Alakun dear sisters!

    I am a new muslim who is totaly confused. I am having my roommates wedding soon and i dont know what to wear or i would say how.
    All my dresses are short(a bit over the knee) with an open neck. I tried to put t-shirt under and wear classic pants but it doesnt look good. Help me please. Can i wear tights under the dress?
    I want to look beautiful without going against God's words.

    Jazakum Allahu khayran :o
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    Re: DEar women! i need an advice


    no short dresses i'm afraid, unless you're going to wear some wide-legged trousers underneath, but even that's not really ideal.

    maxi dresses/skirts are very trendy at the moment, could you get one?

    are you wearing hijab yet sis? if not then you could get a pashmina and drape it across your shoulders and throw it round to cover your chest. and your arms must be covered too so maybe get a pretty cardigan?


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      Re: DEar women! i need an advice

      thank you :o)

      i guess i have to get some nice maxi dress, would be good for future events too :)
      I am wearing hijab, that is why i want to get something hijab friendly but stylish, because on that wedding i am going to be the only one wearing hijab.


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        Re: DEar women! i need an advice

        sis i'm going to a wedding next week and i'll be the only one in hijab too! :p i'm really nervous about meeting old schoolfriends who'll see me in hijab for the first time!

        a nice maxi dress would be ideal...stylish and modest! :love:


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          Re: DEar women! i need an advice

          Good luck with that and InshAllah they will love it :)))
          Thank you for suggestions sis.
          I have been wearing hijab for 2 months now and it gets hard sometimes, but we are proud muslims ;o)


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            Re: DEar women! i need an advice

            mashallah sis :love:

            i started wearing hijab recently too alhamdulillah. it really is hard but nothing beats that feeling of knowing you're being obedient to Allah :inlove:

            hope you have a lovely time at the wedding you're going to aswell :) our big chance to do some serious dawah! :D


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              Re: DEar women! i need an advice

              definitely can't wear a short dress with tights underneath!!
              sis try 2 find an abayah that looks good for weddings, like with some work on it or some kinda design? otherwise a maxi dress like sis m81 said but if you can get an abayah its better, u can find ones which look nice does not have 2 be plain black only for the wedding
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                Re: DEar women! i need an advice

                Is this thread a wind up?


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                  Re: DEar women! i need an advice

                  why would it be?

                  the sister is new so it's a valid question.


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                    Re: DEar women! i need an advice

                    I've seen even in the non Muslim shops they often sell very long dresses that look really elegant for weddings and special occassions. I used to own a couple that I'd bought from high street shops and most of the time they're sleeveless, but there are ways around that. I had trouble finding anything long sleeved to wear with it but eventually my mum had an idea (which sounds very strange) to get a pair of tights and sew them on as sleeves- it doesn't look out of place especially if the tights are the same colour as the dress. We did this with a long black sparkly dress I had but I have sensitive skin so the tights irritated my skin and I wasn't able to wear it. Anyway recently my mum gave that dress to the teenage daughter of a family friend and she wore it to her high school prom with high heels and it didn't look out of place there even though she was covered. I'll try and PM the pic to give you an idea inshallah. These days so many bridesmaid dresses are silky, long and elegant and only need a little bit of adjusting to add sleeves on.
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