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A new disaster reminding an old lesson

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  • A new disaster reminding an old lesson

    Why did Hazrat Ali (r.a) called 'death' to be the best preacher. May be because the moment we think of death, the illusion of all those luxuries in this world (that keep us away from our Lord) seems to fade away from our eyes, bringing in front a clear picture of the life hereafter and our duties related to it.

    If I were a passenger of the plane that crashed, what all would have I gone through ?

    The night before, I would be carelessly preparing for my flight without knowing that it is the last night of my life. If a religious person were to remind me to take benefit of shab-e-baraat, I would causally ignore him and flip through the TV channels to find something interesting. Instead of adding to my deeds what would benefit me for eternity, my focus is more on addition of things in my suitcase that are destined to be destroyed in few hours. I go to sleep without paying much attention to my second last meeting with my Allah (swt). The final morning of my life, after wasting the last chance EVER of seeking forgiveness, I stand in front of the mirror, not knowing what would be happening to my face in few hours.

    On my way to the airport, I am listening to music, in the lounge not refraining from a lustful gaze, in the plane switching through channels to find the one of my taste. Not beginning anything in the name of Allah (swt), not having a feeling of thankfulness after finishing my meal. Suddenly, there is a thunderbolt that hits my heart. The mind blowing thought that its time to go, forever, and to be counted among the dead in this world. For the first time, I sincerely try to turn my attention towards my Lord. But my 'attention', that was previously towards the air hostesses, is now taken by the massive image of the angel of death who is going to break my breath in few moments.

    After going through immense pain, I am all alone. In the darkness I see unexplainable beings meant for my punishment. There won't be any pleasure for any of my senses till my Lord forgives me. All those who were the center of my attention all my life, are nowhere to be seen as I am totally at the mercy of SOMEONE whom I have been ignoring all my life, till the end.

    I wish to be among those who remembered Allah throughout this time. They started every act in the name of Allah (swt), refrained fron HIS disobedience in the airport and during their journey. Even during their preparation for the flight, their tongues were continuously tasting the sweetness of Zikr of Allah, and luckily they were fasting while the angel of death came to receive them in the most beautiful way.
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