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Getting used to being a muslim

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  • Getting used to being a muslim

    Hi. I'm a pretty new muslim, did my shahada in february. I'm 15 and i was introduced to Islam by my mum and stepdad. I was never religiousat all before. They married a few years back and my mum became muslim a bit before they married. My mum always wanted me to be a muslim as well but I didn't like the idea. My stepdad was patient though and he gradually introduced me to Islam.

    I'm glad i'm a muslim now and i wouldn't wanna be anything else but i'm finding things pretty hard. I've always worn jeans and tops normally, nothing really trashy but not modest either. When i reverted mum wanted me to go in hijab quick but i didn't think i could do it. I always wore hijab to the masjid and a few other places but i couldn't have imagined wearing it every day. Recently my mum has insisted i have to wear hijab everywhere. My stepdad wanted to take things more gradually at first but now he says that as i'm wearing it i can't go back on it and he's really strict about it. All my other clothes were replaced with modest stuff eventually as well.

    I know wearing hijab is a good thing and i thought i'd end up wearing it some time. I know it's good to look modest and i think i've got less negative attention from boys at school since wearing it. I could take it off at school without anyone stopping me but i haven't. There would be no point as everyone's seen me wearing it now and in a way i feel kinda safe wearing it. But i'm finding it really hard at the same time. I'm used to wearing the sort of clothes that other teenagers wear and my friends at school have thought it's a bit strange that i have to wear hijab all the time now. Thankfully there are quite a few muslims at my school so i don't stick out that much but i'm the only white girl i've seen wearing hijab.

    Islam has definitely made my life better but at the same time i'm finding it hard to adapt. It's not just hijab but my parents have been getting really strict recently about everything. Has anyone else had experiences like mine? Anyone else found it hard to adapt? Any advice?

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    Re: Getting used to being a muslim

    Assalaamu alaikum (peace be upon you!)

    MashaAllah dear young sis, many congrats on your shahaadah and welcome to the global Muslim family :love:.

    For someone so new to the religion you sound like you are doing fantastic mashaAllah so you should feel good about that :up:. Hijaab is something that a lot of sisters struggle with, whether they are 'born' Muslims or reverts. You'll find most of us here (including me) have our own story about how we came to cover and inshaAllah we're all here to share our experiences/help you.

    I don't want to say too much here in case I go off topic :p but feel free to PM (private message) me and I'll be more than happy to share my experiences/advice :). You might also want to ask for permission to have access to the New Muslims forum, lots of great advice in there for new reverts :up:.

    May Allah reward you and keep you steadfast in your faith, aameen. :love:
    ربنا واجعلنا مسلمين لك ومن ذريتنا أمة مسلمة لك وأرنا مناسكنا وتب علينا إنك أنت التواب الرحيم

    Our Lord, make us Muslims submitted to You, and our descendants a Muslim community submitted to You. Show us our rites of worship and turn towards us. You are the Ever-Returning, the Most Merciful. [2: 128]


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      Re: Getting used to being a muslim

      Salams Sis :)

      A big congratulations to you on becoming Muslim :up: & a big welcome to your global family. :hidban:

      It's good of your step dad to want to take things gradually, but I can also understand your Mum wanting to do everything straight away. She felt so much zeal and happiness that she wanted you to feel the same way and be safe in practising Islam.

      Have you been to the Shukr Uk website? They have some nice jeans there, a bit pricy but they look
      really cool and are modest, I have them. They're these:
      So you could still wear jeans if you wanted sis, you might even get some nice comments! Shukr have got a blow out sale right now, so maybe you can have a look through their site and get some things esp for summer etc.

      You have a good conscience sis! mashaAllah. Although you could have taken the hijab off at didn't - that means that you know it's right and you do it for Allah's sake. :up:

      Of course though, esp at your time you wanna fit in and be like your friends which is understandable.
      Your friends should understand though, esp if you like to wear it sis. Be happy & proud of what you wear and that you have friends who are different, but your principles are to be modest.

      Maybe also tell your parents that you're trying really hard, but you need to take things more slowly and that you feel things are too fast right now. I guess they're worried about and for you.
      Many parents these days are especially worried about their teenagers because of all the stories they hear of what teenagers get up to and they don't want you to get involved in any really bad things or people.

      They're just being protective of you sis cos they care about you and want the best for you. I'm sure you know sis and when your own children in the future - you'll understand even more.

      About my experience - at first I was really zealous when I became a Muslim and I wanted to do everything and know everything all in one go and right from the start - but that zeal went down after a while, and I was finding some things difficult to change permanently. Plus its not natural to have the zeal the whole time because faith goes up n down as in a hadith, but we should always try to renew our faith, learn more etc.

      I also knew hijab was the right thing, but I felt I wanted to wear other clothes like others my age.
      In the end I kept with hijab, but knew I could invite friends round and wear the same things as them at home and with other women etc

      Right now I am glad I am a Muslimah and wear hijab, and like you I wouldn't want it any other way.

      If you have time, listen to these :)

      Get used to being beautiful sis. I'm sorry if I haven't been of much support or help, and this post is all a bit random, but I wanted to reply to you. The first video may take some time, but really, its worth listening to, the sister speaker is a great speaker.

      Take good care of yourself sister. I wish you all the very best in this life & the next


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        Re: Getting used to being a muslim