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How to get my parents to be more islamic.

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  • How to get my parents to be more islamic.

    Well, my dad finished the quran and he never prays because he has work and also he owns the small store and I keep on telling him to pray, but he never prays. My mom has good faith and she prays sometimes but not all the time and they listen to various music. It is kind of depressing cause I don't know when they will die but what if they were to die now or later.

    They both obey all the rules of Islam but they cant pray, and my mom does not wear hijab and she wears half sleave shirts and thats about it.

    I think it is because we are no longer and newyork and my mom is scared for some reason..
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    Re: How to get my parents to be more islamic.

    Assalaamu alaykum,

    Tough situation you are in. My advice would be to keep on gently reminding them of the importance of prayer etc. (with words, and with your own actions). Keep them constantly in du'as as well. At the end of the day, you can only deliver the message, and it's up to Allah to guide whomever He wants.

    May Allah give you the patience and strength to keep on going, and may He guide your parents to the path that leads to Jannah, insha Allah. Aameen.