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Adhering to religion during business

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  • Adhering to religion during business

    Is it just me or is this plain imposiible esp if working in a non-muslim country for a non-muslim company?

    Few examples, islam expects women to cover up and show modesty but in some work places you will see the complete opposite. Sure they may look attractive but islamically is it appropriate to work with such women. Or is it 'permissible' as its work.

    The reason this sort of thing can cause problems is say a guy is already married but at work a new attractive woman starts work who wears shorts skirts and shows ample cleavage, this could breed lsut and could lead to an affair (i am exagerating but this sort of thing does happen). The other scenario is say you are serving customers and some scantily clad women come in. Islam says lower you gaze but if you do so it would look bad and would not instill confidence in the customer so i take it in this situation it is permisable to look at the woman. But if you do lower your gaze and avoid vain chit chat with women how would you ever find a mate. Not everyone has the option of arranged marriage. So in this modern age where women do what men do, they are a part of all areas of life, the have senior positions to you and maybe earn more than man, does the islamic teachings on women still apply. If the women earns more than the man and feels she should be in charge can she then be the head of the household, even though in the quraan it says clearly that the man has to be the head of the household.

    Is it just a matter of intention? But the thing is if an attractive women showing cleavage/skin the majority of red blooded males would not hesitate to 'take a look' or to check her out, so even if they were talking business the wrong intention would still be there. Ive been in situations where i have served female customers like in their late 30s,40s,50s who wear very revealing dresses with cleavage hanging out and it makes you think do these people not realise that people will look, i mean it is embarrising when serving these kind of customers, also if the mothers, grandparents dress like this then surely it would have a negative impact on their children who would then percieve it as ok to wear such clothes.
    Salaams, I understand this is a religious forum and as a result their may be some very religious folk or sensitive folk on here. As I result I need to ask that my comments/posts if found offensive in anyway then please dont read them otherwise take with a pinch of salt. I do not wish to get into a serious argument over religious issues which I believe are either black or white.

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    Re: Adhering to religion during business

    Wouldnt the muslim employee just leave if there was that much bare skin and distraction going would make sense. There are so many other jobs he could do without this kind of distraction, its just a matter of looking hard enough for that kind of work!